7 best travel yoga mats of 2023

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Are you heading overseas and wondering how you can continue to practice yoga? Here’s our guide to the travel yoga mat. What makes a good travel yoga mat? And how can you find the best ones for 2023?

  1. Is there such a thing as a travel yoga mat?
  2. Why travel with a yoga mat?
  3. What makes a good travel yoga mat?
  4. Can you take a yoga mat in a carry on?
  5. 7 Best Travel Yoga Mats for 2023

Is there such a thing as a travel yoga mat?

Yes, there is such a thing as a travel yoga mat. They are genius inventions! If you want to practice yoga as you travel the world, then taking a travel mat with you is an excellent solution. Travel yoga mats are lightweight and some are foldable, making it easy to pack into your luggage.

Why travel with a yoga mat?

As a full time travel nut and yoga teacher I always take a yoga mat with me overseas. But, there’s not always the option to carry a large mat.

Why travel with a yoga mat? Well, joining a yoga class overseas can be a really sociable experience and a good chance to meet new people. But it also helps to improve and broaden your practice as you’ll be training with teachers with different styles and influences.

If you can’t join a class, having a travel yoga mat means you have the opportunity to self-practice, doing an online course or following your own sequence. Whether you want to practice in your apartment, on a terrace or down at the beach.

Find out here why yoga is such a good activity for Digital Nomads.

What makes a good travel yoga mat?

There are many yoga travel mats available on the market. But you will want to look for a few qualities:

– Lightweight

– A decent thickness to make it comfortable

– A surface with decent grip

– Folds up or rolls up to a compact size

– Fun and colourful design

Can you take a yoga mat in a carry on?

I have carried yoga mats onto multiple flights around the world. There are no rules preventing you from carrying a yoga mat, provided that it complies with the size restrictions of the airline. You could carry your full size mat as your only piece of cabin luggage or attach it to your bag. However, it is much easier to take a travel yoga mat if you can. This way you can fold or roll it into your cabin baggage.

7 Best Travel Yoga Mats for 2023

Best Suede Mat Find it here

Good for: Non-Slip suede material is great for yoga in a hot country. This mat also folds up really neatly.

Price: $33.99

Best Cushioned MatFind it here

Good for: Anyone with knee pain or looking for a more comfortable mat

Price: $47.99

Best travel yoga mat to fit in your bag – Find it here

Good for: Folding away neatly into a little bag, which can then fit in your hand luggage

Price: $33.79

Best lightweight travel yoga matFind it here

Good for: This mat is rubber (rather than suede) and feels more like a “normal” yoga mat. But it’s also a really lightweight option at only 1kg.

Price: $52

Best cork travel yoga matFind it here

Good for: Eco conscious yogis and anyone looking for a stylish yoga mat. This is a cork mat but it still folds up neatly too and I love the bag it comes with.

Price: $39.99

Best patterned travel yoga matFind it here

Good for: Anyone looking for a fun mat to make a statement

Price: $23.99

Best concertina travel yoga matfind it here

Good for: Fitting under or on top of a backpack, this one folds up in a concertina style rather than rolling or folding into a small pack. It also has added knee cushioning.

Price: $39.99

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