John and Emma are a travelling couple, hiking and exploring the world together. We write about long-distance hiking, cities and any adventures we find. Bringing you “really useful travel guides.” Simple as that.

Who are Lotus Eaters Travel?

Emma is an avid writer, yogi, travel planning guru and enjoys good eating with red wine in beautiful places. John is the chief strategist of Lotus Eaters Travel, lover of Lebanese food and the middle east, chess geek and spontaneous adventurer.

  • The Simply Soft Life 1: La Passegiata

    The Simply Soft Life 1: La Passegiata

    As part of my time away from the corporate world, I’ll be honest and say that I’m searching for something. I’ve long been fascinated with the idea of slowing down, finding simplicity. I can be a bit “type A”, constantly planning and swinging from one thing to another. Yet, I know I’m happiest when I’m… Read more

  • Harbour Arm Folkestone – Champagne and Lighthouses

    Harbour Arm Folkestone – Champagne and Lighthouses

    Folkestone is shedding off it’s old image and reinventing itself with Champagne and it’s famous lighthouse. Now visitors are sipping an ice cold glass of champagne whilst overlooking the ocean. This may not be the first image that comes to mind when you think about Folkestone. Yes, I do mean Folkestone on the South East… Read more

  • What to pack for wild camping?

    What to pack for wild camping?

    There is no greater feeling to me than getting away for a weekend of wild camping. Setting out with my backpack in the knowledge that I’m totally free and unplanned for a few days is total bliss. The first time I wild camped, I had no clue if I’d enjoy it. Chief on my list… Read more

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As we hike around the world, we have written travel guides to help those who are thinking of embarking on similar adventures. We are immensely grateful for your support when you purchase one of these through Amazon or through our shop.

The Camino de Santiago

Read our really useful guides and tips for the Camino de Santiago, including preparation, route guides and packing lists. Find all our posts on The Camino Santiago here.

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YOGA for Hiking

The course is designed with long-distance hikers in mind. A bespoke yoga course for anyone who regularly hikes or is looking to train for a multi-day hike, such as the Camino de Santiago.

Through your yoga journey with Lotus Eaters Yoga downloadable yoga classes will help you target the main muscle groups required for hiking. We will focus on mobility, stability and strength. Find our more.

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Dovrefjell, Norway

Saint Olavs Way

Often referred to as the Norwegian Camino, this 600+km hike from Oslo to Trondheim, has epic scenery, fresh lakes and empty countryside for miles around. Find all our posts on Saint Olavs Way here.

Dovrefjell, Norway

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