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Yoga Teacher 200hr, founder of Lotus Eaters Yoga, hiker and half of Lotus Eaters Travel

About me

I am a qualified yoga teacher and I have been practising for more than ten years. As I’ve traveled around the world, I’ve trained and practised with so many wonderful teachers who have influenced me along the way.

Originally from England, I am now a Digital Nomad. I write travel content, books and teach yoga as I move my way from country to country. A passionate hiker, having walked the Camino de Santiago, Via Francigena and more.

I believe in the terrific transformative effect that yoga can have on the mind and body. My yoga courses are functional and bespoke, designed to create specific benefits for you.


I am not a pretzel and I don’t bend like one. But to me, yoga is not about that. Yoga is not about perfection or pain. And teaching yoga is certainly not about being a disciplinarian.

We all have different bodies and different goals. For me, being on the mat is all about achieving balance. Embracing the challenge whilst accepting our individual limitations with grace.

My yoga teaching style is relaxed but passionate and warm. I teach yoga because I want to help you find what you love about it, I want you to look forward to each class and jump onto your mat with glee!



Yoga for Hiking

A bespoke yoga course designed to meet all your needs to train for a long-distance hike. Package includes meditation track, pre-hike and post-hike yoga videos.

Find out more here

Yoga for anxiety

Coming soon……

I am available to discuss your yoga needs, the content of the Lotus Eaters Yoga packages, or just have a chat! Don’t hesitate in reaching out.

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