Who’s behind the mask?

We are John and Emma, a pair of English travel writers in our mid-thirties. Although we are romantically linked in our private life, when it comes to Lotus Eaters Travel, we are a team first and foremost. 

We want this site to be all about travel, so we’ve made a deliberate choice to focus on the writing, telling stories about the places we go to and not about ourselves. Our ethos is simple – we produce really useful travel guides.

But, how did Lotus Eaters Travel come to be? After walking our first Camino de Santiago in 2022, we decided to exit stage left from our lives in London. Eschewing corporate jobs for full time exploring.

Although we are a relatively new website, we are already a trusted source for travel itineraries, hiking information and city guides. Our website is growing month after month and our readership is too.

Our adventures have taken us on some of the best thru hikes in the world and to some spectacular destinations. Through Lotus Eaters Travel, we want to continue to inspire others to do the same and keep adventuring. One foot in front of the other.

Why “Lotus Eaters?” 

A question we often get asked. Well, the name comes from Greek Mythology. Yes, we are a little nerdy. But the name was actually something that John’s father called us as a joke and it just sort of “stuck.” 

According to legend, the Lotus Eaters were a group of people who washed up on an island and started to consume the lotus leaf that grew around them. This plant had a narcotic effect and before they knew it, they had become permanent residents of the island. Destined to a languid life on an island paradise – what could be better? 


After the global pandemic, travel is well and truly back on the table. Travellers are out in force and looking for new experiences and all the thrills and spills that travel can offer.

Research shows that travel enthusiasts are willing to forgo most consumables and luxuries in order to save money for travel experiences. Put simply, people want to spend money travelling and they want to be inspired to get there.

Not only that, but most people will now do research for travel online.

The average traveller spends 13% of their total online time, conducting travel related activities.

Google/ Bain Travel Insights

Through a combination of social media and blogs, consumers are guided along the full path to purchase. Not only do travel websites need to inspire, but they also need to clinch the deal and encourage travellers to book.

What can Lotus Eaters Travel offer you?

What is unique about Lotus Eaters Travel is that we both have years of client facing corporate experience. We approach every partnership with the same professional attitude and careful attention to detail. We know how important it is to deliver for clients. Working together, we can help you to refine your objectives and then keep going until we deliver them.

Unlike working with social media influences, our travel writing has a permanent imprint. With our knowledge of SEO, we can produce content to help you find the audience. Thus growing your business or promoting your destination.


Whatever it is that you are looking to promote, there are a range of ways that we can work together.

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Media Trips

Most travellers visit at least 12 websites before deciding on a travel destination. If you want to attract tourists, you need to make your destination stand out!

If you want to open up a new market, or boost your ranking as a travel destination, we are happy to travel to you. We can visit a country, region or city from top to bottom and tell our readers all about it.

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Hiking Experiences

If you are a tourist board or organization looking to promote a hiking route, we would love to talk to you. We are passionate about hiking and believe that it’s one of the best ways to experience a country. We can produce route guides, books or blog posts to promote your hiking route.

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We love writing reviews, particularly about restaurants and hotels. Whether you are a small business with a new opening, or an established one looking to engage a new audience. We can help by providing an honest review of our experience.

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We’ve published six travel books so far. Guide books, especially for hiking trips, are still very much in demand. If you are looking to promote a new long-distance hike, we would love to talk to you about creating a bespoke book to showcase your hiking trail.



Send an e-mail to or get in touch on the contact form below.

Whether you have a fully formed proposal, or you want to have an open conversation about options with us, please do get in touch. We would be very happy to hear from you!

We know it can be difficult sometimes to define exactly what you want, we can help you to shape a bespoke offering to meet your objectives.

A media kit and rates are available on request.

Please note that some links on our website are partnered with affiliates.

Using an affiliate links does not make it more expensive for you to purchase. We receive a small commission whenever you buy something which in turn allows us to keep writing independent travel guides and your support is greatly appreciated.

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