The St Olav’s Ways are a series of long-distance hiking paths in Norway. There are actually nine different paths that make up the “St Olav’s Ways”. Most of the paths lead to Trondheim, but others end in different areas of Norway.

The paths have historical significance for a number of reasons. Firstly, they are the Northern most pilgrimage routes. Secondly, the paths (or many of them) lead to Trondheim. It is in Trondheim that St Olav’s remains are buried within the famous Nidaros cathedral. This has made the route an important Christian pilgrimage for many years.


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How to walk the St Olav’s Ways in Norway

What are the St Olav’s Ways? St Olav’s Ways are a series of long-distance hiking paths in Norway. There are actually nine different paths that make up the “St Olav’s Ways”. Most of the paths…

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