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The Albergue market on the Portuguese route of the Camino de Santiago seems to be booming. We felt like we were spoilt for choice in some areas. Many towns we came to had around 4 to 5 different Albergues to choose from.

As we are walking the Camino as a couple, we tend to vary between choosing dorms in Albergues and private rooms. We found some Albergues, both dorms and privates, that we absolutely loved on this route!

Here are our favourite picks of Albergues on the route between Porto and Santiago.

  1. Most organised Albergue on Portuguese Camino: Ideas Peregrinas Tui
  2. Best sleep set up on Portuguese Camino: Avoa Regina Redondela
  3. Best communal dinner on Portuguese Camino: O Lagar de Jesus Vilar
  4. Best for a quiet night on Portuguese Camino: Martinez Rooms Pilgrims Caldas de Reis
  5. Honourable mention: Albergue Quinta Estrada Romana
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1/ Most organised Albergue on Portuguese Camino: Ideas Peregrinas Tui

Our nomination for most organised Albergue on the Portuguese Camino route goes to, Ideas Perigrinas in Tui. This Albergue is in the first Spanish town you’ll arrive to on the central route. Tui itself is a small town, with a few decent bars and restaurants packed into 2 or 3 main streets around the Cathedral.

About the Albergue

This small Albergue in the centre of town is perfectly located on the Camino route and close to bars/restaurants. The Albergue owners also run a cafe underneath the Albergue, making it super easy to grab a coffee or breakfast in the morning.

Inside, there are different sleeping options available. From 2 person private rooms to space in dorms. It’s super well designed, bright and modern, feeling like a home space with separate bedrooms, a lounge and a kitchen.

What we loved:

– Self check in process is swift and easy. There is nothing worse than arriving to an Albergue sweaty and desperate for a shower and having to faff at check in, so we really appreciated how easy it was here.

– Some dorm rooms are single beds and not bunk beds, also well spaced out.

– Private rooms are a bargain at 36 Euros per person for 2, this is good value for Albergues on the Portuguese Camino

– The Albergue is filled with handy touches like shelves in the shower, towels, ear plugs by the beds and hair dryers. Also the linen is lovely!

– Being able to book on to secure a space in advance. Not also needed on the Camino, but nice to have the option! Tui is 100km out of Santiago, so lots of Pilgrims join at this stage and it does get busy.

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2/ Best sleep set up on Portuguese Camino: Avoa Regina Redondela

Oh sleep! At the end of a hard day walking and a few beers, there’s nothing more important than a good sleep. But so many Albergues seem to get this wrong. In Redondela, around 80km short of Santiago, we found that Avoa Regina got the sleep set up absolutely spot on!

About the Albergue

There are two dorm rooms in this Albergue plus communal space. The small dorm downstairs sleeps eight and upstairs is 32. But, the beds are laid out so that it doesn’t feel like a bunch of beds noisily creaking at the edge of a sports hall.

It’s not the best Albergue for socialising, cooking or hanging out. But, if you’re despo for a good nights sleep, this is the one for you. Each bed is equipped with a curtain and light. The beds are set in small cubicles which blocks out most noise and light. Plus provides privacy so you can chill or catch up on your mobile whilst in bed. Fresh linen is provided and the mattresses feel clean and sturdy. Although this sounds basic, this level of luxury is often not found in Albergues on the Portuguese Camino.

What we loved:

– Communal area and kitchen downstairs and well away from the upstairs dorm (although this could be noisy if you got the downstairs dorm)

– Sleep set up – no mattress creakage, curtains, proper sheets (not plastic) and good pillows. Plus blankets that felt like they were cleaned frequently

– Handy places for your bits (lockers and shelves in bunk) and a bunk bed light

– Shower cubicles are clean and have great pressure plus plenty of space for dressing in the morning away from the dorm

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3/ Best communal dinner on Portuguese Camino: O Lagar de Jesus Vilar

We found that communal dinners were less frequently offered on the Portuguese route than on the Norte. So we were delighted to find out about O Lagar de Jesus Albergue, which is located just outside Padron (Vilar).

About the Albergue

This Albergue is absolutely stunning. It’s set on the grounds of an old Vineyard, and feels not unlike a French chateau. Its incredibly spacious, both inside the hostel and in the grounds. Its run by a lady who makes the most incredible host, cooking insane dinners night after night and keeping the Albergue running smoothly too.

O Lagar de Jesus is 19km from Santiago, therefore it’s the perfect last night before you arrive into SdC. When we stayed, everyone was in high spirits and enjoyed a massive BBQ with oodles of wine. Not only was the dinner excellent, but this was one of the most picturesque Albergue’s on the Portuguese Camino.

What we loved:

– The generous and sociable communal dinner. 16euros for everything including wine, with a veggie option too. You dine at a large table in a barn, perfect whatever the weather.

– The grounds are stunning with a swimming pool and plenty of places to relax and enjoy your surroundings.

– A good mix of quiet communal spaces for downtime and more sociable spaces, like the bar area (also a bonus being able to buy drinks here as it’s far from the nearest town)

– Plenty of space between bunks so you don’t feel crowded and individual bathroom units are clean and spacious

4/ Best for a quiet night on Portuguese Camino: Martinez Rooms Pilgrims Caldas de Reis

There are some days on the Camino when you just need total down time and a quiet night. This is what we found at Martinez Rooms Pilgrims in Caldas de Reis.

About the Albergue

This is more like a private pension than an Albergue but it is exclusively for Pilgrims. Set in a quiet apartment block near the centre of town, the apartment has 3 private rooms and a shared bathroom. There is also a small lounge. If you need a night away from socialising and communal living whilst on the Camino, this could be a really good option.

What we loved:

– Although not the cheapest private room, at 39 Euros, we felt it was good value for the quality of bedding, linen and general comfort factor

– Each room is really quiet and perfectly comfortable for a good nights sleep

– Self check in process was easy and a host on hand on WhatsApp to help with anything we needed

– Espresso machine, muffins and water left in our room for us by the host

5/ Honourable mention: Albergue Quinta Estrada Romana

Albergue Quinta Estrada Romana gets an honourable mention as we didn’t actually stay in it, but walked past and it looks INCREDIBLE from the outside. If we walk this route again, we will definitely be stopping by. This Albergue is not far from Valenca and would make an excellent last stop before crossing into Spain.


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