Sapa in Northern Vietnam is probably the best place to go for trekking in Vietnam. Whether you’re gearing up for the big trek or coming back to Sapa after a few days of hiking, you’re going to want to enjoy some food and drink to replenish yourself. After we finished our trek we were ready to cut loose and have fun in Sapa. Here are the best places we think to eat and drink in Sapa, Vietnam.

Where is Sapa?

Sapa is a mountainous region located a 6 hour drive north west of Hanoi in the north of Vietnam. We took the bus here so on arrival we were in desperate need of some tasty food and drink. The culture in northern Vietnam has its own distinctive feel and that is reflected in the food and drink on offer here.

What speciality food and drink can be found in Sapa?

1/ Nha hang Pha Viet – get stuck into a HOT POT

Sapa’s colder weather influences its food and drink. That can be seen on arrival by the huge number of Hot Pot restaurants there are. This is the dish we first tried on arrival at Nha hang Kham Pha Viet. From the outside this place looks like a European ski lodge and inside even has a large open fire in the middle of the room. The range of hot pots include, chicken, beef, salmon, sturgeon and horse if your are feeling it.

It should be noted that the chicken is served with most of its bits, so feet and head. So if you are squeamish about that then beef is your best option. The pot is placed on the table and a gas lighter lit underneath, then add the meat and vegetables after each other. Seems daunting at first but it was very simple. The price for one hot pot is around $25 which can seem a lot for Vietnam. However this feeds 2/3 people easily.

Best places to eat and drink in Sapa Vietnam hot pot
Build your own salmon hot pot

2/ Anise Sapa Restaurant – Vietnemese Fusion

Anise Sapa Restaurant is one of best restaurant in Sapa town. They serve real Vietnamese foods and fusion westerns foods, there is a friendly service with good foods in great location. Pork knuckle is a speciality here but may take 60 minutes to prepare. Scores an solid 4.4 of google reviews.

3/ Yummy Restaurant – coconut chicken & amazing views

This fantastic restaurant sits on the 2nd floor overlooking the mountains. Drinks and food are all delivious. Be adventurous and go for the coconut chicken or the bamboo dishes. Staff here were extremely kind and friendly. Scores an impressive 4.7 on google reviews.

Rice wine – fruity flavours

Sapa is famous for its rice fields so naturally they use rice to make alcohol. Or as it is affectionately called by the Muong tribes people, ‘Happy Water’. Almost identical in taste to Japanese Sake the rice of Sapa has evolved further with multiple flavours. For sale at restaurants there was apple, plum and cherry. At the restaurant above we went the rice wine was served in a 500ml water bottle with very small cups, the cost for a bottle of the good stuff was just $3. The rice wine alone from this area makes Sapa one of the best places to eat and drink in Vietnam.

rice wine sapa

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Top 3 bars in Sapa

While the nightlife may not be as expansive as the bright lights of Hanoi, the bars they do have in Sapa are fun and easy going. Staff at all the bars we went to seemed genuinely happy to meet you and gave great service. Here the three best ones we found.


Resembling a shack from the outside. This bar quirky bar explodes inside with colour with artwork and design pieces all over the walls. Friendly staff and a happy hour to boot. This is a must see if you are in Sapa for good times. Given a 4.7 on Google reviews with some of the best drinks in Sapa.


We went to this place in the afternoon so perhaps we didn’t see it in its full flow. But we loved it. There is a cool bar area with pool table and a large outdoor terrace with a fire pit. All with spectacular views. The do a 2 for 3 offer before 6pm. This bar is on the way to Cat Bo village so perfect to pop in after the day there. Gets a 4.9 on Google reviews, we can see why!

funny bar and pub sapa pool table
Free afternoon pool with a happy hour


An owner run pub near the centre of Sapa where paintings can be found all over the wall of the bar. The pool table is free to use, and scores a 4.7 on google reviews. We loved it and so did everyone in the comments. Some called it the best bar they have ever been to and we agree! Reviews found here.

why bar Best places to eat and drink in Sapa Vietnam
People love this owner led bar.

Where is Sapa night market?

Finished dinner and heading out exploring? Then head to Sapa night market located in the centre of the town. (Sapa is small and easily walkable). There are around 40 stalls at the market and around 100 people from the Hmong tribes selling their wares. You can also try an array of street food here. The market is open from 16:00 – 22:00. Some of the best places to eat and drink in Sapa can be found here.

night market sapa

Every Saturday night the market turns into a ‘love market’ where couples profess their love for each other.

Children can also be seen at the market, it may seem kind to give children money or buy small items from them however it’s important that tourists don’t do this so the children continue to go to school. This is a big problem currently in Sapa the government is trying to solve.

Our Sapa complete guide

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