Can you sleep at London Luton airport?

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Heading for London Luton airport and thinking you night need to sleep at the airport or in a hotel? I recently went to Luton airport the evening before my flight and discovered whether you can sleep at London Luton airport.

Is Luton airport open all night?

Yes Luton airport is open 24 hours.

Where is Luton airport?

Luton airport is located (35 miles/55km) north of London, U.K. Realistically however it is located much closer to the town of Luton than London. There is public transport to the airport mentioned below.

When to arrive at Luton airport if you are planning on sleeping here?

If you have an early flight the best time to arrive at Luton airport is as late as possible. The crowds will be much smaller and the amount of time you’ll spend sleeping here will be reduced. The last train to Luton airport from central London is around 10/11pm. Latest train times can be found here.

Is there anything I need to bring to Luton airport to sleep?

The U.K. weather is not the warmest. Depending on the time of year you might want to consider bringing a light sleeping bag. Temperatures in the airport won’t drop below 15C but you may also want to consider something like a roll mat to insulate yourself from the cold floor.

Also consider bringing an eye mask as the airport is brightly lit.

Is there anywhere to sleep at Luton airport?

If you are arriving before you are able to go through the security you will need to find a spot on the floor to lie down in the main entrance. While not uncomfortable it is brightly lit and noisy. After going through security there quieter spots to catch some sleep.

Where can I get a sim card?

Need a sim card on landing or about to fly off? Rather than the hassle of finding/getting a physical sim card, an easier method these days is to get an e-sim. Simply select the country or region you are in and get data and calls on your phone. More info can be found here.

Prices are reasonable, usually only $25 for 20GB of data. We now always use this method when travelling as it just saves so much time and bother!

How to get to Luton airport?

If you are coming from London the best option is to take the Thameslink train line to Luton Airport Parkway station. Central London stations to get this line include London Bridge, Farringdon, St Pancras. Make sure you buy a ticket to Luton airport not Luton Parkway as you will have to purchase an additional ticket for the shuttle bus.

Does the train go directly to Luton airport?

Unfortunately not. The train from London takes you to Luton Parkway station. From here you will need to take a shuttle bus which waits outside the station. However the shuttle is reliable and there is always space as they are so regular.

How much is the shuttle bus from Luton Parkway to Luton Airport? And how regular is it?

If your train ticket is not to the Luton airport but only to Luton Airport Parkway then you will need to pay separately for the shuttle bus. This cost £2.40 for a single ticket. The shuttle is every 10 minutes departing from Bay 1 at the airport. It also takes around 10 minutes on the shuttle to the airport.

Can I spend the night at Luton airport?

Yes you can spend the night at Luton airport and you will not be bothered or disturbed. Sometimes there is cleaning being done so you may be asked to move on. However there is no security stopping you from walking around the airport as you please.

What are Luton airport opening hours?

Luton airport is open 24hrs.

Is Luton airport security open 24hrs?

Yes Luton airport security is also open 24 hrs.

What is the earliest I can go through security?

Luton airport allows domestic flyers to go through security two hours before and international flyers 3 hours before.

Does Luton airport have sleep pods

Yes there are snooze pods under brand ‘Aspire SnoozePods’ although they are only designed for a 20 minute nap cycle before waking you up.

Does Luton Airport has Wi-Fi?

Yes Luton airport has free Wi-Fi which we found the wifi to be strong and reliable.

Does Luton airport have hotels?

Yes Luton airport has numerous hotels. There are some cheap hotels here that could be useful if you just want a quick rest before or after a flight. Here are the best ones we found.

Things to do at Luton airport?

If you can’t sleep while at Luton airport there really is only shopping, eating and drinking to keep you occupied.

Temperature, lighting noise at Luton airport

One of the things that stopped me sleeping easily at Luton airport was the lighting and noise. Best to have a pair of headphones and eye mask with you if you are planning on sleeping at Luton airport.

The temperature while not uncomfortable for sleeping is not that warm when we went. Best to have warm clothing handy when considering if you can sleep at London Luton airport.

Is there food and drink at Luton Airport?

Yes Luton airport has a large selection of shops and cafes including Pret and Starbucks. These are opening to late evening. After this time there are vending machines selling snacks, coffees and drinks.

Is it safe to sleep at Luton airport?

Yes it is safe to sleep at Luton airport for both make and female passengers as the airport is brightly lit. However as with most things best to keep you valuables on your person if you are planning on dozing off.

Does Luton airport have a shower?

Yes but only after security. It is called an adult changing facility located near gate 17. Unfortunately before then there is nowhere available.

You may want to consider a Premier Inn hotel here.

What activities are there to do in London?

Here are the best activities to do in London only a sort hop by train or bus.


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