How to get from Hanoi to Hue

Are you planning to visit Hue from Hanoi? Here’s our short guide on how to get from Hanoi to Hue.

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Where is Hue?

Hue is a city in the centre of Vietnam, in the province of Thua Thien- Hue. This province is just North of Da-Nang. Hue is a popular stop between Hanoi and Da-Nang or Hoi An.

You can read more about places to visit in central Vietnam here.

How to get from Hanoi to Hue by car

The distance between Hanoi and Hue is around 670km. With good traffic, this is around a 12 hour drive.

We did not hire a car in Vietnam and we wouldn’t necessarily recommend driving. The public transport in Vietnam is excellent and driving conditions are a little chaotic. It may be better to leave the driving to the professionals in Vietnam!

How to get from Hanoi to Hue by bus

There are a number of buses running from Hanoi to Hue on a daily basis. Most buses run overnight as sleeper services. The duration of the bus journey from Hanoi to Hue is around 13 hours, with some variance between the different bus companies.

We would not recommend taking the Queen Cafe Bus, if you can avoid it. This company has some of the worst reviews and the seats are quite cramped. If you are tall, we would definitely not recommend this for a comfortable journey.

The best options for buses from Hanoi to Hue are the Minh Map sleeping bus or the Thuy Nagan VIP Bus. Both of these companies operate buses with large and more private seats which are much better for long journeys.

Prices range from around $20 to $45 for the more luxurious options.

Buses run once a day with all three companies, so book in advance. Link below to Bookaway.

How to get from Hanoi to Hue by train

Many people choose to take the train from Hanoi to Hue. This is a great option as you can take one direct train between the two great cities.

The trains tend to run four times per day, with a morning, afternoon, early evening and overnight departure. The duration of the train ranges from 12 hrs 45 minutes to 14 hours.

On the train, there are three different accommodation options. A second class seat ($25), a second class cabin ($40) or a first class cabin ($48). All options are fairly comfortable, but for an overnight sleeper, we would recommend booking a cabin. You may need to book in advance to avoid ending up on a seat overnight!

What is public transport in Vietnam like?

You can find out more about transport in Vietnam in our article here. This guide will provide details about the conditions on public transport with more detail about what buses and trains are like in Vietnam.

How to get from Hanoi to Hue by private transfer

At time of writing, I could not find any private transfer options between Hanoi and Hue. This is probably because it is a long journey that would not be lucrative for drivers.

This may change in the future, we recommend checking with Bookaway or Getyourguide. You could also ask at your hotel in Hanoi and they may be able to arrange something privately.

How to get from Hanoi to Hue by airplane

Another option is to take a flight from Hanoi to Hue. Although the distance between the two is fairly short, many people choose this option as it is the fastest. A flight takes around 1 hour 30 minutes.

There are also low cost options with Vietjet with prices starting at around $45. Approximately the same as the train.

What to do in Hue

Hue is a great city especially for history lovers. Hue was once where the Vietnamese royal family lived and to this day you can still visit the Imperial City where they ruled from. Being a small city, you can easily walk and explore Hue on foot. But you can also hire a scooter and explore the nearby attractions.

We’ve written a full guide to visiting Hue – you can find it here. But, if you’d rather organise yours in advance, then you can arrange many fun things in Hue through Viator. We’ve selected a few interesting ones below.

Where to stay in Hue

In Hue you have a number of options about which area to stay in. The town itself is divided by a river, the Perfume River, with the modern town to one side and the market and Imperial City to the other.

For the best restaurants, bars and nightlife, we would recommend staying on the south side of the river.

If you’re ready to book accommodation – check out our recommendations here.

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