5 surprising benefits of being a house sitter

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Benefits of being a house sitter

As Digital Nomads, we are often looking for novel ways to travel. We love house sitting and can’t talk more highly of the unexpected and surprising benefits of being a house sitter.

Here are our top five perks of the job!


  1. You can save money
  2. You could house sit anywhere in the world
  3. You meet new people
  4. You get to explore new places
  5. Each property has it’s own perks and quirks
  6. Sign up to trusted house sitters

Is house sitting worth it?

We often get asked, is house sitting worth it? Honestly, we really think it is. It’s not just about saving money, it’s way more than that. It is an experience.

If you want to find out more about the best websites to use to get house sitting gigs, you can check out our post on that topic here.

Benefits of house sitting

1/ You can save money

Once you’ve paid your subscription to a house sitting website, being a house sitter is totally free. This means, you could stay in a house and pay nothing. For the period that you are house sitting, there are no bills and no accommodation costs. That’s not to say that you should rack up expensive bills in someone else’s house, of course you should avoid this! But, it does mean that you have a chance to save money whilst you travel.

If your normal accommodation costs are around $1000 per month, a month house sitting could save you this much. And, if you didn’t think that house sits would ever be available for this long, think again! Many house sits on trusted house sitters are for one month or longer. Sometimes even three months! That’s a lot of money you could be saving.

2/ You could house sit anywhere in the world

Many house sitting websites specialise in house sitting opportunities in one country. But a few offer house sits anywhere in the world. Trusted House Sitters is one such example. This is one of the benefits of being a house sitter!

Fancy house sitting in a flat in Malmo Sweden? A farm house in Iceland? A rooftop pad in Washington DC? What about a villa in Sicily? Or a house with a pool in Corfu? It’s all available!

Just make sure your profile is tip top and you have good references – more info on that here.

3/ You meet new people

With most house sits, you will meet the owners of the property before you move in. Either via video link or in real life. Most of our property owners have invited us for supper the night before our sit starts. This is a great opportunity to meet new people and get settled into the property. You never know, they could become your friends for life.

But, it’s not just the home owners that you might meet. Sometimes neighbours may pop by to introduce themselves. Or you might just meet someone out in the park when you’re out exploring with your four legged friend. The opportunities to meet new people are endless. And, they might just be people from totally different walks of life to you.

4/ You get to explore new places

Often properties available for house sitting might be in areas of a country that you would not have considered travelling to. Even if you’re just looking in your home country, or county, you might get to visit a new place. Exploring new places might just open up your eyes to some interesting things too!

You also don’t have to concentrate your search on trusted house sitters, for example, to one area. You can click “anywhere” and let the search begin! House sitting could take you to a whole new country that you hadn’t considered before. Totally a benefit of being a house sitter!

5/ Each property has it’s own perks and quirks

There are some fabulous pads on Trusted House Sitters. But, every house, whatever it looks like from the outside will have some amazing perks and quirks when you house sit.

If you like cooking, you could look for a place with a kitted out kitchen. Or, if you’re someone who loves to read, maybe a property owner will loan you a few books of theirs. Perhaps, you’re a keen gardener – look for a place with a kitchen garden or some land. Or maybe, you’re a fan of a certain breed of dog, so you could try to find a listing with a furry friend you can hang out with.

Sign up to trusted house sitters

If you’re keen to get started, you can sign up to Trusted House Sitters today. You can find out more about house sitting in our more detailed guide here.

Or, if you’re ready to take the plunge, just sign up for 20% off an account with our discount link here.


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