10 best hostels with roof terraces in Europe

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hostels with roof terraces


Gone are the days when hostels were just a few bunk beds and a ratty old shower. Now, hostels are pretty much like hotels, but better. Not only are they sociable and fun, but they are also inexpensive. Plus, you can stay in hostels whatever your age, especially when they are this good. For us, a roof terrace is the pinnacle of hostel indulgence. Here are ten of the best hostels with roof terraces in Europe to enjoy on your next adventure.

Fun Fact: Did you know, the world’s largest roof terrace is in Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore, measuring a ginormous 3 acres! The roof terraces in these hostels may not quite live up to that, but are bound to feel just as luxurious when you’re enjoying them!

  1. One: Loft Hostel, Reykjavik
  2. Two: Generator Hostel, Paris
  3. Three: Sunset Destination Hostel, Lisbon
  4. Four: The Independente Hostel and Suites, Lisbon
  5. Five: City Circus, Athens
  6. Six: Urbany Hostel BCN, Barcelona
  7. Seven: Toc hostel, Seville
  8. Eight: The Hat, Madrid
  9. Nine: The Urban Rooftop Jungle, Malaga
  10. Ten: Urban Garden, Porto

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One: Loft Hostel, Reykjavik

Loft Hostel is located in central Reykjavik, making this a great stop if you want to get into the centre of the city easily. A well kitted out hostel, with good communal facilities and comfortable beds.

The star of the show here is the roof terrace. It’s large enough to enjoy, but cosy enough to make it a good sociable space to enjoy whatever the weather.

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Two: Generator Hostel, Paris

A design chic hostel in 10th Arrondissement, Generator is a popular hostel in Paris. The facilities inside are good, but the roof terrace is even better. A cosy decked out terrace with a sun shade, making it the perfect spot for drinks whatever the weather. Events are run in the terrace bar too.

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Three: Sunset Destination Hostel, Lisbon

Lisbon is THE CITY when it comes to roof terraces. So much so, that there are two hostels on this list in the capital of Portugal.

Sunset Destination is a little out of the city, but well worth it if you want a roof terrace with epic views of the water. Plus, a swimming pool! What more could you want in sunny Lisbon.

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Four: The Independente Hostel and Suites, Lisbon

A stylish and opulent city centre hostel, the Indepedente is housed in a 19th century former ambassador’s residence. The ambassador is truly spoiling you with the roof terrace too. It has a restaurant and bar, making it a great spot to hangout and enjoy the jaw dropping views of the city.

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Five: City Circus, Athens

This hostel in Athens, really takes the biscuit. Not only a roof terrace, but a roof terrace overlooking the acropolis. With just a 5 minute walk to Monisteraki you’ll also be in the mix of things in Athens.

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Six: Urbany Hostel BCN, Barcelona

With a short walk to the Sagrada Familia, you’ll be in the hub of Barcelona in minutes. But, why would you want to leave Urabny Hostel? You can sit back and relax on the giant roof terrace with epic views across the city with a cocktail in hand. If you do decide to leave, your room key gets you free access to nearby nightclubs.

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Seven: Toc hostel, Seville

Toc Hostel has a bijou but super sophisticated roof top terrace. We love the city of Seville and Toc is the perfect base from which to explore it. It has some of the best facilities of any hostel, with new beds and clean areas throughout the hostel.

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Eight: The Hat, Madrid

The Hat in Madrid is a super chic hostel. The inside facilities are great, but really it is all about the roof terrace. The terrace is huge, with covered space and an area to sunbathe. Plus, they serve drinks up there!

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Nine: The Urban Rooftop Jungle, Malaga

The Urban Rooftop Jungle hostel in Malaga is just what it describes. A tropical oasis of a rooftop terrace just a few minutes from the Picasso museum. Enjoy drinks on the roof, sun bathe or just hangout with friends.

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Ten: Urban Garden, Porto

An urban oasis in the heart of one of our favourite European cities, Urban Garden has a fabulous terrace. If you like a bit of nature with your terrace, this is the one for you. It boasts a central location too. Just don’t forget to see more of Porto whilst you’re there!

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