Is Lille a good stag/buck’s destination?

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lille stag/buck's party


Lille is currently not a famous destination for a stag/buck’s parties, however we think this city has all the nightlife, delicious food you could want for a good time with friends. Plus it offers great value vs Paris and Bordeaux and is easier to get to. Let’s explore this city to see if it stag worthy.

Where is Lille and how to get there?

Lille France’s 5th biggest city is located in north east corner near the border with Belgium. If you are coming from London one of the best ways to reach Lille is by Eurostar. The journey is remarkably quick only taking around 1 hour 40 minutes starting in St Pancras station. If you are travelling by plane the journey is even quicker at just over an hour. To check latest flights see Skyscanner.

Is Lille worth visiting?

Lille has a thriving restaurant and nightlife scene as well as awesome squares and streets to socialise. Lille having a large university here means that it has all the nightlife associated with a student town. In summer the city has a very easy going feel that would make an excellent stag party destination. It also has a beautiful park in the Citadelle de Lille, where you can take small boats down the river. More on all this later.

Is Lille expensive?

Lille is not expensive compared to other parts of France and significantly cheaper than Paris. Beer is typically around 5 euros for a 400ml glass. While wine tends to be slightly cheaper at around 4 euros a glass. Some of the best value can be found in French restaurants which offer multiple lunch courses with alcohol for under 60 euros a head, what a bargain! More on our favourite places down below.

What are the best bars in Lille?

We realise there are literally hundreds of cool bars in Lille to explore and we could never visit them all in one trip so here is a selection.

Consider Uno’s Bar located on the Wazemmes district, not expensive and a lot of fun.

Au Gand’Brinus Bar has a strong selection of beers with lower prices than more popular places. The also have a large projector screen showing sports. Staff are also very friendly.

Something open more late night then head to Joker Cocktails and Bar. This bar has an epic interior. Not sure what you want to order then get the friendly bar staff to surprise you.

Where to stay in Lille for a stag buck’s party?

Depending on your budget rooms can be found at reasonable rates in Lille. You could consider the Holiday Inn express located in the centre of the city. Rates per night average around 66 euros per room. Not a bad price if you are sharing the room with a friend. If you prefer a hostel for a more buzzy atmosphere then consider looking on Hostelworld.

Best area for nightlife in Lille?

If you are only here for a short time then it is best to head to the old town or Le Vieux Lille where pedestrianised streets meet 17th century architecture. Hang out sitting on the terraces of craft beer and bars, area stays open till around midnight and sometimes 1am, excellent times for a stag buck’s destination.

Best places to eat in Lille?

There are tonnes of places to eat in Lille that would make a stag/buck’s party content However one place we absolutely loved was Sebastopol Restaurant. Stylish interior with understated French cuisine. We had a 4 course lunch with alcohol for under 60 euros per person in addition the staff here are unbelievably kind and friendly.

What activities are there in Lille for a stag party?

Away from the nightlife one of the best activities you can do in Lille is hire private electric boats and drive them along the river Deule. Head to Marin d’Eau Douce Lille to pick up the boats, price is 100 euros for 2 hours. They also have a bar which you can purchase bottles of wine for a reasonable 13 euros.

Finished partying on the boat? Next destination for a stag party may sound more sedate but summertime in France petanque is played everywhere in the parks. I highly recommend this game for those that haven’t played. There are ground to play petanque in the Jean-Baptiste Lebas park located here. There are often French markets in the park to enjoy as well.

Is Lille a safe city?

Lille is a considered a safe city by French standards and has low levels of crime. We would consider it safe for a stag/buck’s party destination.

Best bakeries in Lille?

Looking for some amazing French pastries? Consider heading to Boulangerie L’aziza, which can be found here. For something more upmarket head to The Delambre Bakery on the west side of the city, they are famous for the New York Style cookies, can be found here. There are many other amazing bakeries in Lille we have left out but these two stood out.

What cheese do they have in Lille?

If you are in Lille make sure you try to local famous cheese ‘Mimolette’ similar to Dutch Edam, however it can be pricey as it aged for a long time.

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In conclusion does Lille make a good stag/buck’s destination?

Having seen what the city has to offer I can say that Lille is a fantastic city for stag groups. The activities on offer along with the dining and nightlife mean a group would have a lot of fun.


  • Nightlife | 7.5/10
  • Food and Drink | 8/10
  • Value for Money | 7/10
  • Activities | 6/10

TOTAL | 7/10


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