What shoes to wear in Lisbon?

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  1. What shoes to wear in Lisbon?
  2. Do women wear heels in Lisbon?
  3. What shoes to wear in Lisbon in Spring and Summer?
    1. Sandals
    2. Cotton Loafers
    3. Lightweight Trainers
  4. What shoes to wear in Lisbon in the Autumn and Winter?
    1. Chelsea Boots

Lisbon is one of our favorite cities. There is so much to see and do. Plus, fantastic restaurants, bars and a great party scene. If you’re traveling to Lisbon, you may be starting to think about what to wear. Well, first, you need to think about footwear. This is crucial in Lisbon. Find out more about what shoes to wear in Lisbon here.

What shoes to wear in Lisbon?

Lisbon is a fantastic city and it is very walkable. But, you’ll certainly be working off the Pastel de Nata’s as you stroll around this incredibly hilly city! If you’re not walking up a hill, you’re probably climbing up some steps.

When it comes to footwear in Lisbon, you have to first and foremost go for what is comfortable. Yes, Lisbon is a stylish city. It has an elegant, but smart-casual vibe. But, the fastest way to make yourself look a fool when you’re traveling to Lisbon, is to totter around in uncomfortable shoes.

You will want footwear that allows you clamber up and down the steepest of hills. Plus, something that has a good grip. The cobblestones here are seriously slippery and thin sandals with no grip just won’t cut it.

Finally, dress for the weather. Expect 30C throughout the summer, plus a chance of rain in spring, autumn and winter.

Don’t forget, Lisbon has some excellent elevators. So you can skip the hills in some areas of town. Plus, the trams are always here to get you from A to B. You can read more in our Lisbon City Guide – coming soon.

Do women wear heels in Lisbon?

Yes, women do wear heels in Lisbon. Perhaps to attend formal events or party in the evening. But, unlike in London and other flatter cities, you won’t see women walking in heels regularly. It’s just not practical here. But, if you’re in Lisbon for a special event, of course you can wear heels, but just expect you may have to use Uber! Or carry an extra pair of flats with you.

What shoes to wear in Lisbon in Spring and Summer?

In Summer, expect temperatures to peak in Lisbon! From June through to September, the average temperature through the day is around 30C. Although Lisbon does see cooler temperatures in the evening, you will want your footwear to feel fresh all day.

For Spring, Summer and even early Autumn we recommend either sandals, cotton loafers or lightweight trainers to keep cool. Here are some suggestions.

Sandals with a good grip

If you want sandals or open toed shoes, your best option for Lisbon is to for Birkenstock sandals or something similar. In the summer of 2023, Birkenstock sandals are everywhere on the streets of Lisbon. I’m wearing them. Everyone is wearing them!

The reason they are so good in Lisbon, is that they have a good grip. But they’re also a supportive shoe, meaning you can climb hills easily. Plus, open toed shoes are perfect in the hot temperatures.

Cotton Loafers are lightweight

Your next option, is to go for cotton loafers. These are great in the summer as cotton keeps you cool. They are also a lightweight shoe, easy to throw into your carry on bag. Plus, they have a good grip underneath. Try TOMS cotton loafers, available in lots of different colours.

Lightweight Trainers in bright colours

Trainers look great with shorts, jump suits or dresses. They are so versatile. If you’re planning to walk extensively in Lisbon, then trainers are probably the best thing you can buy for your trip. Here are some great options for shoes to wear in Lisbon:

Addidas Samba – a colourful choice to wear with anything

Vans Unisex Old School Classic – A retro and versatile choice

Vega Recife – gold for summer

What shoes to wear in Lisbon in the Autumn and Winter?

Although temperatures can still be warm throughout Autumn and Winter, you will need to keep in mind that it does rain in Lisbon. The combination of slippery cobblestones, hills and rain, means you need decent footwear. November is the rainiest month in Lisbon, so keep that in mind if you’re traveling then.

Chelsea Boots

For Autumn and Winter in Lisbon, trainers are still a very good option. But, they can get very wet if it does rain. If you expect rain, we recommend an ankle boot or something similar. Again, pick something with a good grip like Chelsea boots.

Dr Martens Chelsea Boots – white is a fun choice

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