Bari: How to eat and drink on different budgets

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Bari is a fantastically fun city. One of the main draws to this area of Italy, Puglia, is the food. I’ve heard that every time you sit down in Italy, you must be eating. Well, if my experience in Bari is anything to go by, this appears to be true. But how can you enjoy the delights of food and drink in Bari if you’re on a budget? Here’s a few options for what to eat and drink on different budgets in Bari.

10 Euro Day: Eating and drinking in Bari

Eating and drinking out in Bari for 10 Euro a day is totally feasible.

Morning: 1.50 Euro Coffee and a biscotti from ANY coffee shop in Bari. But make sure you stand at the coffee bar and don’t take a seat, or you’ll be charged more.

Morning macchiatto in Bari
Morning Macchiatto

Afternoon: Grab a pack of Peroni’s from any Dok Supermarket for 3.00 Euro. Pick up some snacks, a Peach is a really good option (50 cents). Then grab a large slice of Pizza for 1.50 Euro from Il Viliero on the edge of Bari’s old town. Then head down the beach to while away your afternoon.

Sunset in Bari
Sunset on Bari beach

Evening: With 4.50 Euros left, stroll into Bari Vecchia for the evening. You could grab a Panzerotti for 2.00 Euros at many of the Panzerottias around the old town. This would give you some money left for a few drinks. Or, if you’d rather splash a bit more on food, why not try one of the giant Braccheria sandwiches with chicken or sausage for around 4 Euros.

Bracceria in Bari
Beccheria for a sandwich

25 Euro Day: Eating and drinking in Bari

This is a really healthy budget for Bari and you’re sure to eat and drink well!

Morning: Even with a bigger budget, I’d recommend taking coffee out in Bari and standing with the locals. Order a Capuccino and take your time! 1.50 Euro

Afternoon: For lunch, why not head down to the harbour in Bari and watch the fisherman come in. Here you can buy a super fresh plate of raw seafood for 5 Euro. Eat it raw! That’s what everyone else does! You can also wash it down with a Peroni from the bar there (1.50 Euro).

Harbour in Bari
Harbour in Bari

Evening: With 17 Euro left, head to a trattoria in Murat (new town Bari). Try pizzeria Il Rustico. Here you can get a substantial dinner for 10 Euro with a drink included. Then, if you’re still hungry, meander into Bari Vecchia (Join La Passegiata) and grab some Gelato (2.50 Euros).

food in Bari

50 Euro Day: Eating and drinking in Bari

This would be a huge budget for a day in Bari, but there are great ways you could spend it!

Morning: Take coffee out, but this time head to Bar Pasticceria Morisco and take a seat overlooking the promenade. (2.50 Euros).

Afternoon: With lunch time arriving, why not enjoy a seafood lunch with a nice glass of Puglian white wine. Try La Pesceria which has a sales counter and a seafood restaurant. Approx 20 Euros.

Wine in Bari
Wine at Enoteca Del Central

Evening: In the evening, enjoy a glass of wine at one of the trendy wine bars in Murat (8.00 Euros). Enoteca del Centro has an excellent selection and knowledgeable staff. Then meander into Bari Vecchia for dinner. Finish with La Tana Del Polpo (get there on time to be front of the queue) which is renowned for its variety of seafood. Here you could enjoy a bottle of wine with your supper. And of course, a Gelato whilst you walk home (2.50 Euros).

Promenade in Bari
Promenade in Bari

Where is pasta street in Bari?

One of the most famous sites in Bari is Pasta Street. Past Street in Bari is an area where you can find the Pasta Nonnas (Grandmothers of Bari) making Orecchiette in the traditional Puglian way. Orecchiette is a handmade pasta and the Nonnas in Bari make it in the street.

Interesting fact, making pasta in the street was previously banned in Italy. But today, the Nonnas are able to make it again. In Bari, you can visit them and watch them make pasta and buy a bag to go, or learn to make pasta yourself on a fun course.

You can find Pasta Street, or La Via delle Orecchiette here on Google Maps.

Would you like to learn more about Street Food in Bari?

You can find our Bari Street Food Guide here. This will tell you where to buy the best pasta, pizza, focaccia and more in Bari.

Where to next in Italy?

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