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We all know that the food in Italy is incredible. But, we hadn’t expected to enjoy so much delicious street food on my latest visit to Puglia. Bari has absolutely top notch street food to suit every budget! From savoury to sweet, there’s so much to accompany you on your stroll around the beautiful streets. There’s something really fun about a night out sampling a variety of food and enjoying a pit stop for wine or beer as you go!

Bari Street Food Specialities

Bari Street Food Recommendations

Best Panzerotti in Bari

Let us start with the Panzerotti, because this thing is a slice of sinful heaven. If you’ve not heard of Panzerotti, it’s like a cross between a Cornish Pasty, an Empanada and a Calzone pizza – filled with cheese and tomato (but other flavours are available) and then, wait for it, DEEP FRIED! These sell for between 1.50 and 4.00 Euros, depending on the shop and the filling you choose – but don’t pay more than 2.00 Euros for a classic pomodoro e fromage. You can also choose a baked version (Forno), if you’re trying to be healthier. In Bari Vecchia, try Rosticceria Dirello, which has a Nduja Panzerotti.

Best Pizza in Bari

Of course, you can get Pizza everywhere in Bari – for a slice on the go, I’d recommend Il Veliero on the edge of the old town. A slice is 1.50 Euro and they are huge. The service is quick, organised and friendly.

Best Focaccia in Bari

Now, I’m not saying that Pizza isn’t good in this part of Italy, but, Focaccia is to Bari what Pizza is to Naples. Focaccia is a big deal here! Do not visit Bari, without trying a classic slice of springy, doughy Focaccia – it should be dripping in oil and covered with ripe juicy tomatoes. In the old town, head to Bakery Santa Rita, a former church which is now renowned as Bari’s best Foccacceria.

Best Braceria in Bari

If you’re craving something more substantial, then I’d suggest you take a quick march to Beccheria, which is a Braceria in the old town. It’s basically a butchers shop / sandwich place. I’d recommend the Falda (steak sandwich), which is 6 Euros. The steak is cut in front of you, cooked to order and lovingly placed inside a toasted bread roll. Fresh and delicious!

The Bari Street Food Tour continues…

Where to eat seafood in Bari?

If you’re all doughed out (surely not?!) or just after a different snack, then there are other options in Bari. For seafood, head to the harbour at lunch time where you can buy a plate of raw seafood for 5 Euros from the fisherman. This will be freshly caught that morning! You can get octopus and calamari, the dream. If you prefer something a little more……cooked….then head to one of the fried fish joints in the old town. At these Pesherias, you can get a plate of deep fried seafood that would comfortably feed two people for 10 Euros.

Where to eat scagilozze in Bari?

Next up, you could head to one of two Scagliozze places. Scagliozze are deep fried polenta cubes, a bit like a very salty polenta version of a hash brown. I’d recommend Scagliozze da Maria in the old town. Often the queue is long, but the service is swift. You get 10 pieces for 2 Euros which is ample! I don’t LOVE scagliozze, they can taste a little plain, but I’d recommend trying them once as they are unique.

Bari Sweet Street Food Specialities

Where to eat pasticciotto in Puglia?

For sweet treats, the Pasticciotto is a great option! These are made with short crust pastry and are filled with custard, available in most bakeries in Bari in multiple flavours.

Where to eat gelato in Bari?

Of course, no visit to Italy is complete without Gelato – there are so many options in Bari, I’ve tried more than ten different places and they are all amazing!

Where to eat waffles in Bari?

Finally, why not finish up at Bari’s latest popular street food eatery, Dick Factory. This place sells “novelty” shaped waffles, strategically dipped in chocolate and other delights. I’ll leave this to your imagination!

Can you take a Bari street food tour?

If you want to take a tour, rather than wandering around independently, you can easily book a street food tour in Bari. Whether you want to take a walking tour, or even a cycling tour, you can book whatever you want on Viator here. Try the street food and pasta making course if you want to learn to cook like the locals.

Personally, we prefer to find our own favourite places and take our sweet time sampling the good stuff, but the tours on Viator have good reviews. Plus, if you’re in Bari for a short time only, then this may be the best option.


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