What is house sitting? 10 things about house sitting that might surprise you

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We love house sitting, it’s an excellent way to travel the world and experience new things. But, there are a few things that might surprise you about house sitting. Here are ten!


  1. You can house sit anywhere in the world
  2. Longer term house sits are available
  3. House sitting is a great way to save money
  4. You may have to look after pets
  5. The home owner will probably interview you
  6. Normally you will meet the owners before you move in
  7. You might get asked to help the home owners with some interesting things
  8. You really shouldn’t post about it on social media
  9. You can stay in some amazing places
  10. It feels like a home away from home
  11. Sign up to Trusted House Sitters

What is house sitting?

Before we jump into the 10 things about house sitting that might surprise you, you may want to know “What is House Sitting?”

House sitting is when somebody looks after a property on behalf of the home owner, normally whilst the home owner is on vacation. Normally house sitters are not paid, but instead receive accommodation in exchange for house sitting.

What is house sitting: You can house sit anywhere in the world

When we first started house sitting, we thought that we might only find house sits in the UK and possibly in the USA. We were really surprised to discover that there are properties listed on Trusted House Sitters around the world.

We’ve seen house sits available in expensive cities like Tokyo, Paris and Stockholm. And far flung places like the Australian outback, Northern Thailand and Danish islands. There are even listings in the Caribbean!

Longer term house sits are available

Trusted House Sitters lists properties requiring sitting for a range of different durations. Although some sits are only a few days, or a week, there are many longer term options. House sits of around one month appear frequently on the site, and occasionally there are places available for three months or more.

You can set up alerts or search for properties listed for one month or more on Trusted House Sitters too. Making finding a long stay even easier.

What is house sitting: house sitting is a great way to save money

Apart from the small sign up fee to create an account, house sitting offers completely free accommodation. This can be an incredible way to save money, especially taking into account that you don’t have to pay bills. Although you aren’t likely to earn money from house sitting, you will definitely save lots.

You may have to look after pets

There are a number of different house sitting websites. The site that we use, Trusted House Sitters, specialises in properties with pets. This means that you will be expected to look after the pets and the properties. For pet lovers like us, this is fantastic. Many of the pets are dogs, others are cats but there are some more unusual animals like goats and horses too.

The home owner will probably interview you

House sitting can be a competitive business. Of course, property owners want to make sure they find the right person or people for the job. This normally means that they will interview you. But don’t worry, its not as formal as it sounds. Usually it’s just a quick call online to ask a few questions.

For more advice on applying and interviewing to become a house sitter, you can find our guide here.

Normally you will meet the owners before you move in

As well as meeting the owners during interview, you are likely to meet the property owners the day before they leave. In our experience, property owners are normally keen to show you around the house, make sure that you understand their pets needs and to meet you before they head off on vacation.

Although this may sound daunting, we think it’s one of the nicest parts of house sitting. These occasions give you a chance to get to know new people and to ask questions. They can be really pleasant and sociable experiences.

What is house sitting: You might get asked to help the home owners with some interesting things

Apart from looking after the property and the pets, you might be asked to help out with a few things whilst the owners are away. These can range from the ordinary, such as watering plants, sorting out post or mowing the lawn. To the more interesting. Perhaps taking a dog to the groomers or running errands. The most unusual request we’ve had was to host a film crew shooting an advert in the property we were house sitting!

You really shouldn’t post about it on social media

If you are house sitting, the owners will want to ensure that you are keeping their property safe and secure. For this reason, it is not advisable to post anything about your stay on social media. You should avoid mentioning the exact location of any property that you are house sitting.

Additionally, posting on social media could be seen as disrespectful by some property owners who would rather maintain their privacy. Remember, the property is not your own and however much you want to show off about it on social media, you really shouldn’t.

You can stay in some amazing places

Fancy house sitting in a flat in Malmo Sweden? A farm house in Iceland? A rooftop pad in Washington DC? What about a villa in Sicily? Or a house with a pool in Corfu? It’s all available!

But seriously, there are some amazing places on Trusted House Sitters. Just search for what you want and apply quickly to avoid disappointment.

It feels like a home away from home

If, like us, you travel full time then you may sometimes miss having a constant home. House sitting gives you the chance to make a home away from home. In our experience, house sitting is a lot more comfortable than an Airbnb. Often the TV choice is better, the sofa is comfier and the kitchen equipment is way more up to spec!

Sign up to Trusted House Sitters

What is house sitting? Now you know. If you’re interested to jump in, you can do so today.

If you’d like 20% off Trusted House Sitters, you can sign up for an account through our affiliate link here.


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