It’s an odd concept to most, but not all beach goers enjoy the sun. If you’re more prone to turning a nice shade of Lobster, rather than golden brown then this may be true for you! While some feel energised by the sun’s rays, others feel the energy being sapped from their soul and the beginnings of sunstroke. Sun haters, here’s your guide to visiting the beach!

Spending this Summer in Italy, I’ve noticed that the Italian’s seem to absolutely nail the “beach day”, but this doesn’t always mean a day of tanning. So if you’re more “Sun Hater” than “Sun Worshipper”, but you want to spend time on the beach with friends and family who fall into the latter category, then all is not lost. Here’s a guide for the sun-haters amongst us. Rejoice!

Sun Parasol

This may seem excessive to some but if you are going to survive the beach in the heat of summer then a parasol is a must! It Italy, all families heading to the beach will have one. This will give you a wide berth of shade as well as staking your claim to a private section of the beach. Win win.

Sun Haters Guide to the beach
A large parasol like this works perfectly, but you can also buy a smaller (and cheaper version) in most market stores.

A massive hat and some even more massive shades

Not only will this make you feel like Jackie O, but it will act as your first line of protection from the sun. Pick something with a wide brim, the bigger the better. This will protect your face and neck too.

Lay it on Factor Fifty Thick

Get that factor 50 all over your sweet self. There’s nothing more embarrassing, and no quicker way to self identify as “Brits abroad” than sporting a patchy Lobster skin-tone. Your future self will thank you for doing this!

Cool box for the sun haters on the beach

This is an absolute staple on a Mediterranean beach. A cool box will keep your water ice cold. Throw a beer in and you’re sold. If all else fails, stick your head and enjoy the sweet relief.

Sun haters guide to the beach
Keep those Peronis on ice

Chairs for the sun haters on the beach

By lifting yourself off the ground you will create a fantastic airflow around the lower half of your body. No longer lying in the hot sand, the comfort level experience will be immense. You may even have a nap. Delightful. On a recent trip to Jordan, we found the perfect set up for sun-haters in Aqaba – read more here

Have a dip for sun-haters on the beach

If you’re still getting hot, there’s only one thing for it. Get in the sea! A cooling dip every 20 minutes or so will really refresh you and improve the chances that you can stay on the beach for the long-haul.

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