What to do in Dubrovnik in the rain? A short guide

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Dubrovnik in the rain

Most people travel to Dubrovnik in the summer season hoping to enjoy a tantalizing glass of Aperol Spritz overlooking the ocean. Glass in hand, sun in face. That sort of thing. But what happens if you land in Dubrovnik and it’s rainier than London? What is there to do in Dubrovnik in the rain?


Here are 10 activities that you could consider if the heaven’s open during your trip this glorious city.

  1. One – Take a refreshing swim
  2. Two – Spend some time exploring the Churches and Cathedrals of the Old Town
  3. Three – Head to the Love Stories Museum if it’s raining in Dubrovnik
  4. Four – Enjoy a long languid lunch in Dubrovnik in the rain
  5. Five – Wine Tasting
  6. Six – Gourmet Food Tour
  7. Seven – Take a Yoga Class
  8. Eight – Head to the spa if you’re in Dubrovnik in the rain
  9. Nine – Take a Croatian Cooking Class
  10. Ten – Kayak around the city
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One – Take a refreshing swim

What could be more romantic than a dip in the sea with the rain gently splashing on your face? Once you’re wet, you’re wet! You may as well get in. The added bonus is that you’ll beat the crowds and have one of the much sought-after swimming spots all to yourself. My favourite spot is round past the Old Port – coordinates here. You might just have a private bathing spot in the rain!

Two – Spend some time exploring the Churches and Cathedrals of the Old Town

When the weather is good, it can be tempting to head straight to the beach and not take the time exploring the historical architecture in the Old Town. So, when it’s raining, take your time exploring. Sure, you’ll need an Umbrella, but you can still enjoy a good mooch around the old, cobbled streets. The Dubrovnik Cathedral and churches are free to enter too.

Three – Head to the Love Stories Museum if it’s raining in Dubrovnik

The Love Stories Museum is quite possibly the best way to cheer up a rainy day. What could be more heart-warming than learning about the stories of great loves over the years? There are also contemporary love stories on display, with themed exhibitions focusing on the love stories behind great TV shows and Music. Tickets cost 9 Euros, which is budget friendly if you’re looking to not spend too much money.

Love Stories Museum in Dubrovnik

Four – Enjoy a long languid lunch in Dubrovnik in the rain

Many of the restaurants in the Old Town have indoor options or a covered veranda. Wrap up warm and enjoy a long and delicious lunch, perhaps with a bottle of wine. Restaurant Portrun comes highly recommended as it delivers fresh Croatian food in a cosy environment. All ingredients are sourced locally too!

Five – Wine Tasting

For wine tasting, look no further than Malvasija Wine Bar in the Old Town of Dubrovnik. This bar has an extensive wine list, including wines of their own production. They can offer guided wine tastings, or if the mood takes you then why not just make your way through their wine list one glass at a time?

Or, if you want to be whisked out of the city, why not try the red wine tour in the countryside of Pelješac?

Six – Gourmet Food Tour

If wine isn’t your thing, what about enjoying a Gourmet Food Tour? This three hour tour of Dubrovnik old town will take you to all the best stops for food and indulgence in the city. Book here.

If you’re after something longer and want to enjoy wine with it – why not take a full day tour to sample the best of Croatian food and local wine? Visiting charming countryside villas and vineyards – idyllic. Even in the rain!

Seven – Take a Yoga Class

The aptly named Buddah’s Cat studio is tucked away just outside of the Old Town. They welcome newcomers and have a generous schedule with classes most days. A perfect activity to hideaway from the weather and get your zen back if you’re in Dubrovnik in the rain.

Eight – Head to the spa if you’re in Dubrovnik in the rain

Icona Thai Spa is in the heart of the Old Town in Dubrovnik. Here you can hide away from the elements and enjoy a Thai Massage or relaxation therapy. An hour of Thai massage is 395 HRK (approx. 40 Euros). For Dubrovnik prices, that’s pretty reasonable!

Nine – Take a Croatian Cooking Class

If you’re a real foodie, why not learn how to cook up a storm in the Croatian kitchen? This Dalmatian cooking course lasts for five hours and includes transport to and from a country estate outside Dubrovnik.

Ten – Kayak around the city

Take advantage of the quiet water in the rain and book a kayak tour. This three hour tour takes you to the calm and clear waters of Dubrovnik, to the island of Lokrum. It also offers a chance to swim and snorkel and see the city walls from a whole new perspective.


Most of our planning is done using other blogs, but you can’t beat a guide book at the bottom of your case. Find yours on Amazon here and get the travelling started!

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