Hiking in Dubrovnik: How to climb Mount Srd

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Do you want the best views of Dubrovnik? If so, then head up Mount Srd! Hiking in Dubrovnik is a great budget substitute for the Cable Car that travels from Dubrovnik Old Town. If you’re trying to save money, or just want to do something active, then give this a go. Here’s how to climb Mount Srd in Dubrovnik.


Hiking in Dubrovnik: What is Mount Srd?

Mount Srd is a peak overlooking Dubrovnik Old Town. It’s popular with tourists as it provides epic views of the city. There’s a cable car to the top, you can also drive, or hike!

The hiking trail takes a gradual climb to the top, with switch backs making the climb gentler. It’s a 3-mile round trip, where you’ll climb approx. 300m. The hike will take you between 45 minutes and 1 hour 15 minutes each way depending on fitness levels. Or, if you’re like the bandana wearing American chap I met, 30 minutes (taking the short cuts up the steeper hills).

Hiking in Dubrovnik: How to find and follow the trail to hike Mount Srd in Dubrovnik?

The bottom of the trail is well marked on Google Maps here. Note of caution, the road just below the trail is very busy and does not have a zebra crossing, be very careful crossing to the trail. The bottom of the trail is quite elevated from the Old Town, so be prepared to walk up numerous flights of stairs before you’ve even started the hike! It’s around 1km from the edge of the Old Town.

Once you find the trail, you’ll see a clear signpost indicating the entrance. The trail isn’t really way marked beyond that, but the path is very well defined, so you’ll find it easier. The first part is a trail through forest before you reach the main path. Once on the main path, you’ll notice some art at the end of every switch back. Helpfully, they have numbers on. The last one before the top is number 14, so you can count them off as you go!

Hiking in Dubrovnik: How difficult is it to climb Mount Srd in Dubrovnik?

The main challenge is that the ground underfoot is quite tricky. I found walking down the most challenging part, as lots of loose gravel makes things a bit slippy. The climb is quite gradual, but difficult at times. However, there are places to rest at the end of each switch back.

A basic level of fitness is required, but that said, I would give it a go even if you don’t consider yourself to be fit. If you don’t make it to the top, you can still enjoy the views lower down.

Dubrovnik Hiking: How long does it take to climb Mount Srd?

This hike in Dubrovnik will take you between 45 minutes and 1 hour 15 minutes each way depending on fitness levels.

Is there anywhere to get refreshments when you hike Mount Srd in Dubrovnik?

Along the trail, there are no toilets or shops. But once you reach the peak, there’s a terrace restaurant but there aren’t any places to buy water or the like. There is, however, a free public toilet. If you don’t want to spend a fortune at the restaurant, I’d recommend taking a drink or picnic to enjoy at the top of the hill!

What to wear to climb Mt Srd?

Make sure you pack water, especially if it’s hot. Most of the trail is not shaded. I’d recommend sturdy shoes, trainers or walking sandles. Hiking gear is ideal, or failing that, then shorts and a t-shirt in warm weather. That said, I met a lovely English couple who were dressed as the Man and Woman from Del Monte and they seemed to have managed just fine!

Is Mt Srd suitable for children and pets?

A well-behaved dog on a lead would be fine (as long as you allow for the hot weather.) The trail is quite slippy under foot and steep at times, some children may need to be carried for parts of it. Babes in arms in a sturdy carrier would be fine as long as you watch your step.


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