Sami Sami Space Ubud: A secret Digital Nomad hangout

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Shhhhh don’t tell anyone. On a recent visit to Ubud, I found an excellent cafe. Situated very close to the centre of Ubud, near the Royal Palace, is Sami Sami Space. Read out to find out why Sami Sami Space is great for Digital Nomads.

It’s a large cafe, open from early in the morning until 22:00 with an abundance of space. What’s amazing, is that apart from one or two people, it seems to be relatively undiscovered by Digital Nomads in Ubud.

Why is Sami Sami Space so great for Digital Nomads?

1 / There are comfy seats so you can sit soft whilst working and a range of other seating options. You can sit inside or out and upstairs or downstairs.

2 / The food really is excellent and is traditional Indonesian. I had one of the best Nasi Goreng’s I’ve had in Ubud at this cafe and I like that the menu is more traditional. Other Digital Nomad hangouts have a more Western Menu, offering Pasta and Pizza, personally, when in Bali I prefer to eat local food.

3 / Prices are very reasonable by Ubud standards. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Clear Cafe and the other regular Digital Nomad hangouts, but the coffees are a little more expensive there than the rest of Ubud. Sami Sami Space, being more of a local hangout, has maintained pricing parity with local pricing (relatively.) So, a coffee is around 25 IDR and a smoothie around 35 IDR.

4 / Plugs are available next to the comfy seating area, not only that but Sami Sami Space have installed some extension leads, so 8 devices can be charged at once. There’s no fighting for plugs like in some of the other cafes.

5 / Finally and most importantly, the WiFi is really fast. Whilst I was there, I had two devices connected and was able to upload photos and videos seamlessly, as well as creating and posting a lot of content online. I even managed to publish a book to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing whilst enjoying my green juice in Sami Sami Space.

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Other great cafes for Digital Nomads in Ubud

Apart from Sami Sami space, my two favourite hangouts in Ubud are:

1 / Clear Cafe – yes, it is a little pricey, but what a great space to work in. A visit to Clear Cafe is like a visit to a co-working space with a dash of hotel luxury. The toilets are immaculate and come with little rolled up handtowels to dry your hands. There are incredible design touches everywhere, like a carp pond (!), flower petals and clever use of natural materials. A ping pong table and even a pole so you can slide from the top floor to the bottom (just in case you need that!) The wifi is excellent and there are plenty of spaces to work.

2 / Seniman Coffee Studio – if you’re a coffee fiend, then this one is for you. The coffee is roasted by Seniman and is a blend unique to them. For a real treat, try the cold brew. But anything is amazing. The coffee here is a real artform. There are lots of plugs here and the wifi is fast and stable. Another highlight is the rocking chairs at each table, making working feel super fun.


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