What is a homestay in Bali?

When visiting Bali, you might notice that many of the accommodation options are called “Homestays.” So, what is a homestay in Bali and why are they great options? Read out to find out.

What is a homestay in Bali?

Well, it quite literally is accommodation within a home setting. But this can be mean a number of things.

1 / A private room in a compound that is also used by other travellers and a Balinese family

2 / A room in an apartment building used by only travellers, but the apartment owners live in the building

3 / A private room within a Balinese home where you are the only or one of few travellers

This is different from a traditional hotel, apartment or guest house as homestays are family run and you’ll find the owners living on the premises.

Homestays will range in terms of how luxurious the facilities are. Some homestays have large grounds, even swimming pools. Others may be very basic. Many homestays will also serve food, this may not be in a restaurant, but they may be able to cook food and provide drinks to guests in rooms or in the gardens.

Why stay in a homestay in Bali?

There are a number of good reasons to choose to stay in a homestay, rather than a hotel in Bali.

Think Local

1 / You’re supporting a local family – homestays are family run businesses, staying in them helps to give back to local businesses in Bali. This is particularly important for homestays which were closed throughout the pandemic. Local families running homestays are kind are so hospitable and they deserve good customers!

2 / You will get an insight into local culture – staying in a homestay offers unique insight into local life. From the morning when offerings are laid out by the women in the family, to watching them prepare the offerings in the evenings and cooking food. If you’re lucky, the family have a ceremony or celebration happening during your stay and you’d be sure to get an invite.


3 / Homestays are generally incredibly clean – in my experience, and based on reviews left by other travellers, it is clear that homestays generally keep very high cleaning standards. I think this is because the families running them are proud and want to apply their own high standards of cleanliness to welcome their guests. The homestays I stayed in on Bali and the Islands are without a doubt some of the cleanest places I’ve stayed anywhere in the world.

4 / Food served is local and delicious – many will offer some basic food; this could be breakfast or dinner. Either way, it will be delicious, authentic and sensibly priced.

5 / For solo traveller’s homestays feel very safe – if you’re travelling solo, homestays are a great place to stay. Firstly, you’ll feel like you’re very welcome and a bit like a home from home. Secondly, for solo travellers they feel very safe. There is always somebody around if you need something, or even just for a chat!

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Where can you find homestays in Bali?

Just about everywhere! I’ve stayed in Home Stays in Kuta, Ubud and on the Nusa islands. They can be found in small towns and bigger popular tourist hotspots across Bali and the surrounding islands.

How do you book homestays in Bali?

If you are keen to book a homestay in Bali, it could not be easier. Quite simply, you can book most homestays on either Booking.com or Airbnb.

If you book via this route, you will want to note that most Homestays do not have credit card facilities. Therefore, you can expect to pay for your stay in cash.

Remember to leave a good review for your hosts if you stay in a Homestay and enjoy your stay! Homestays in particular rely on good reviews from guests.

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