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On a recent visit to Tel Aviv I had the pleasure of visiting an amazing cultural institution, the ANU Museum. This tells the story of the Jewish people from the past up to the present day. Its recent renewal in 2021 has given the museum a real cutting edge feel. This is brief guide on visiting the ANU museum Tel Aviv Israel.

How to get to the ANU Museum?

The museum is located in northern Tel Aviv and it could be reached easily by public transport (see below). What i hadn’t realised is that it’s located on the Tel Aviv university campus. We needed to have our bags x-rayed before you enter the campus, in addition an ID (drivers license or passport) is required.

Is the ANU musuem crowded?

The ANU musuem was not crowded in the slightest. There were probably only 20 or so people in this large museum.

Public Transportation

  • Bus: 222, 271, 274, 572
  • Train: 7, 25, 45, 289
  • Train: closest railway station to the Museum is “Tel-Aviv University”
  • with connections via Dan bus lines 7, 45

What is the Anu Museum

ANU – Museum of the Jewish People is positioning itself as a relevant, cutting-edge museum and cultural centre, whose relevance and reputation for excellence will be unrivalled. The museum has existed since the late 70’s but has recently undergone an extensive redevelopment. The museum guides you to start on the third floor and then work your way down. Read on more to find out about visiting the ANU museum Tel Aviv Israel.

What does ANU mean?

Any means ‘us or we’ in Hebrew.

How much does it cost to enter the ANU musuem?

A regular adult ticket costs 52 NIS (around $15) and students and seniors can enter for $42 NIS ($12). This is good value considering the size of the museum and the amount of time you can spend here.

What are the origins of the ANU museum?

The Museum opened in 1978 thanks to the vision of Nahum Goldmann, president of the World Jewish Congress 1954-1977. In 2005, the Israeli Knesset passed the Beit Hatfutsot Law that defines the museum as “the National Center for Jewish communities in Israel and around the world”.

The ANU Museum mission

  • To present and display the unique and ongoing 4,000 year-old story of the Jewish people – past, present and future.
  • To nurture a sense of belonging among Jewish visitors and to strengthen Jewish identity.
  • To celebrate Jewish pluralism and diversity.
  • To serve as the central address for Jewish discourse, engagement and learning for Jewish individuals, families, communities and organizations from Israel and around the world.

What can I see in the ANU Musuem?

This floor has a focus on the 20th century achievements and the modern Jews living in the diaspora. After this the exhibition then looks further at the achievements of Jewish people in the arts and sciences. There is focus on the lives of Jews around the world as they describe how being Jewish defines them in the country they reside.

The second floor of the ANU museum explains how the Jewish population was spread across the globe by events. Above all it was amazing to see this explained on a giant globe over the last 4000 years.

The first floors most notable exhibition has scaled down models of synagogues around the world. Truly fascinating to see the unique designs of each country. These models must have taken a huge amount of time to construct.

Where is the Anu Museum of the Jewish people?

The Anu museum is located on Tel Aviv university campus in the north of the city. In order to enter the campus you’ll have to head through the security gates and walk around

The entrance to the ANU museum

What are the ANU museums Opening Hours?

Sunday-Wednesday: 10am – 5pm

Thursday: 10am – 10pm

Friday: 9am-2pm

Saturday: 10am – 5pm

How many museums does Tel Aviv have?

Tel Aviv has multiple world class museums. If you have some more time, why not also consider visiting the Tel Aviv Museum of Modern Art. Or the Eretz Israel Museum.

Would I recommend the ANU Museum?

Absolutely, an incredible museum that will ensure you come away knowing a lot more about Jewish culture and heritage, it will take at least half a day to visit fully so leave plenty of time.

Exit through the gift shop and cafe

No museum would be complete without a gift shop, and the ANU museum has a cute collection of items that in all likelyhood cannot be purchased elsewhere. There is a fairly priced cafe at the entrance of the museum called AROMA if you need to take a break. The students from Tel Aviv University also seem to go here so it can get busy.

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