Can you drink alcohol in Israel?

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Before setting off on your trip you may be wondering can you drink alcohol in Israel? And are you allowed to drink alcohol in this Middle Eastern country. We explore into the culture of alcohol in Israel in this article.

Do Israeli people drink alcohol?

Israel is comprised of peoples from mostly Jewish and Muslim backgrounds. Muslim tradition prohibits drinking of alcohol while in Jewish tradition wine plays an important role. While drinking beverages is allowed even in Jewish society inebriation is discouraged.

Can you get alcohol in Tel Aviv?

Yes purchasing alcohol in Tel Aviv is as simple as it is in the west. In fact Tel Aviv has a great nightlife to explore. We have written about it here. However as I mentioned above alcohol prices are very expensive here so be prepared.

Tel Aviv oldest cocktail bar 223ltv

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Can you drink in public in Israel?

Sometimes it’s nice to buy a beer from a shop, sit down somewhere and watch the world go by. This is entirely possible in Israel. There is however a law which states that no alcohol should be drunk on the streets after 9pm. Best to stick to it.

Can you drink alcohol in Jerusalem?

Yes. The rules around drinking are exactly the same as in the rest of Israel. Some parts of the city most notably the Muslim quarter will obviously not have bars but western Jerusalem has plenty of pubs/bars and restaurants serving alcohol. You will not have any trouble finding a place for a quiet beer.

Can you drink alcohol in Israel jerusalem view
You can even get a drink in the Holy Land Jerusalem

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Is alcohol expensive in Israel?

Unfortunately yes. Alcohol prices are in Israel may be some of the most expensive I have seen, especially when you compare it to its other eastern Mediterranean neighbours like Greece. Israel is as expensive if not more expensive than Scandinavian countries like Norway for alcohol. Expect to pay around $12 for large beer in a pub (500ml) and around the same for a class of wine.

In supermarkets and bodegas, the prices are somewhat more reasonable. Expect to pay around $3/4 for a can of beer and $15 for a bottle of wine. It’s a bit if shame that the prices are so high as it’s such a beautiful country to sit outside.

Is buying alcohol in Israel easy?

Purchasing alcohol in Israel is easy compared to other Middle Eastern countries. You only need to head into a normal grocery shop and you’ll see a wide selection, payment can be made with contactless card.

The legal drinking age in Israel is 18 years old. However there are some bars and clubs that will not allow entry to people who are less than 25 years old.

Do Jews drink alcohol?

Yes peoples of the Jewish faith drink alcohol as historically wine has been part of the culture. However heavy drinking is frowned upon and you will not see the level of drunkeness on display in the west.

Arak – is one of the most popular drinks in Israel, distilled from Anise it has a liquorice taste.

Goldstar Beer – a light Israeli larger that you will see sold everywhere.

Spirits – Israelis love vodka and other strong spirits usually by well known brands such as Smirnoff.

arak israeli alcohol
Toast away with a drink of Arak

Could Israel be a good stag/buck’s destination?

Now you know everything there is about alcohol in Israel, you may be planning a holiday or stag bucks party. If that’s the case we have written a guide about it all here for you.

Can you drink alcohol in Jordan Israel’s neighbour?

You can drink alcohol in Jordan although it is much stricter than Jordan. There are many more rules to follow. We have written about whether you can drink alcohol in Jordan.

Does Israel produce wine?

Israel has a booming wine sector with over 250 wineries producing over 40 million bottles of wine each year, some of which are very highly regarded. It even makes its own kosher wine.

Can you drink alcohol in Israel vineyards
Israel has some fantastic vineyards

In conclusion …

Israel in a fantastic destination for a drinking extravaganza with an amazing selection of wines and spirts you can have throughout this beautiful country. In answer to the question can you drink alcohol in Israel is a resounding yes!

Would you like to book a tour to explore more of the country?

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