Before you head out to walk the Camino de Santiago, you might have lots of questions. We certainly did. One of the questions that we get asked most frequently when people are preparing to walk, is about access to technology on the Camino. Specifically is there WiFi on the Camino?

Is there WiFi on the Camino de Santiago?

Walking the Camino de Santiago is one of life’s big adventures and so much fun, especially if its your first time walking the Camino. Whilst it may feel like you’re venturing into paths new, you don’t have to worry that you will be straying too far from civilisation – you will have access to WiFi.

There is WiFi at various stages along the Camino on all of the routes. 99% of albergues have WiFi that is available either in the communal areas or in the dorm rooms.

In addition, most cafes and restaurants have WiFi and will give you the access code as long as you’re a customer. Not all of them do, but many in bigger towns will.

Some people think that it’s a shame that it is now so easy to access WiFi on the Camino! I can see what they mean. But remember, it is a choice as to whether you connect. You can always take the time to Digital Detox as you walk!

If you want to read more about Albergues, check our our post on that very topic here.

Are there places to charge your phone on the Camino de Santiago?

Alas, you will not go without phone battery on the Camino de Santiago. But, your ability to charge your phone regularly will depend on the accommodation that you choose.

In guesthouses and up-market private albergues you will invariably have a plug socket by your bed. Most bunk beds in private albergues have an individual socket. However, in municipal albergues you often won’t have one by your bed and may have to share with others in the hostel. Therefore you can’t be guaranteed to get a socket when you need it.

We always recommend packing a battery pack, and also a long phone cable, just in case you can’t get to a socket or you need to use one that is a little distance away. Don’t forget a travel adaptor too if you’re from outside of Europe.

Is there phone signal on the Camino de Santiago?

Although you will be in parts of rural Spain, France or Portugal, you will have phone signal on the Camino de Santiago. There was one area of the Camino North route that we had limited signal for one day of walking, but the for the rest you will most likely have it (depending on your network.)

If you’re doing a route that takes around a month, it can be sensible to buy a local SIM card if you want to be able to access your phone regularly. But, don’t forget that there is WiFi available on the Camino.

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