Is Budapest good for a Hen party?

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Budapest, the capital of Hungary is a popular travel destination and has been for some time. It is easy to see why. Not only is it a beautiful city, but there is so much to see and do day and night. It is somewhat of a party city, but it is by no means tacky or sordid. It maintains it’s own culture and dignity and all round Budapest vibe. Is Budapest good for a hen or bachelorette party? A resounding yes. Read on to find out more about Budapest and how to plan a top notch hen party in Budapest.

Is Budapest good for a hen do?

Yes, Budapest is great destination for a hen party. Here’s why:

Awesome nightlife

Incredible food

Chocolate, wine and lots of treats

Plenty of activities for any hen party

Good weather

Easy to get to from the UK or Europe

Inexpensive compared to UK cities

Welcoming of tourists and groups

Large and plentiful accommodation options for groups

Read on to find out how to plan an epic hen party in Budapest

What activities are there for hen parties in Budapest?

We all know that there are many different types of hen parties. There are the wild ones, the active ones, the cultured ones, even the foodie ones and all things in between. Whatever you’re planning to celebrate the bride, Budapest has so much to offer. Here are the best activities that we would recommend when organising a hen party in Budapest.

Activities for foody hen parties

Wine Tasting

Hungarian wine is fabulous. You may not be familiar with it, but that makes wine tasting in Budapest even more fun. This is the perfect activity for hen parties who enjoy wine and food. A wine tasting will take around 2 hours and is a great activity to do in the late afternoon or early evening before dinner.

We recommend the wine tasting at Faust wine cellar in Budapest. This is a small and intimate wine tasting on the Pest side of the river. However, as it’s a small venue, it can be booked up. If you can’t get into Faust, then the other best option is this one, available to book in advance on Get Your Guide.

Tasting Menu

Budapest has many Michelin star and Michelin guide restaurants and the prices are very reasonable. For hen parties who enjoy food, we think an evening spent doing a tasting menu, could be an evening well spent.

We love Mak in Budapest, which has a reasonably priced tasting menu with an excellent Hungarian wine pairing in a laid back setting. It offers some larger tables and could suit a classy hen party of around 6 people. You can read more about Mak here. If this doesn’t suit you, check out the Michelin Guide website for more options.

Visit the farmers market

A visit to Szimpla’s farmers market is the perfect activity for a hen party on a Sunday morning. Especially if you’re feeling a little dusty. This popular farmers market is held in the same courtyard as the famous ruins bars. Stroll around, grab a coffee and a bite to eat.

Activities for active hen parties

Visit a spa

You can book tickets to the largest spa in Budapest here to ensure you’re entry. Don’t forget, you will be charged for flip flops and a towel unless you bring your own. Swimming caps are only mandatory for the swimming pool, no the spa pools. Unless you’re planning on doing lengths, you don’t need a cap!

Take a yoga class

In summertime, you can find an outdoor yoga class in many locations around Budapest. This is a great way to balance out any late nights on your hen party in Budapest. You can find more information here.

Paddle Boarding on the Danube

For active hen parties in Budapest, what could be more fun that stand up paddle boarding on the river Danube? OK, this might be best in spring and summer, but any active bride is sure to love this. Book in the link above.

Activities for culture loving hen parties

Visit the Fisherman’s Bastion

The Fisherman’s Bastion is a fortress on the Pest side of the river Danube. It’s an interesting place to visit, often used as a filming location because it’s so beautiful. Come here for a little bit of history, but also for the incredible view across the river and the city.

Visit the Opera House

The opera house in Budapest is stunning. If you want a sophisticated hen party night out, then you could try to get tickets to one of the opera productions. Sure to please any cultured bride! Otherwise, you can also visit the opera house during the day for a small fee.

Boat cruise on the Danube

One of the best activities to do in Budapest is to take a river cruise along the River Danube. For hen parties in Budapest, this is a fantastic activity. Especially if you book the cruise with the unlimited prosecco! Link to this below.

Restaurants for Hen Parties in Budapest

For Brunch – Fekete

Fekete is a trendy brunch spot near to the Hungarian national museum and the central market hall. We love Fekete for the amazing coffee and breakfast menu. It’s a great spot for a hen party as there is a large table outside in the courtyard that would suit a group perfectly.

For Coffee – Central Grand Cafe

Central Grand Cafe is a lovely art nouveau cafe in the inner city in Budapest. We love it for the high ceilings, large space and cake. Perfect as a little pit stop during your hen party in Budapest.

For Dinner – Masl Tov

Masl Tov is one of our favourite restaurants in Budapest and it’s the perfect place for a hen party in Budapest to dine out. Firstly, it’s a giant restaurant meaning you can probably get a group in here easily. Secondly, the food is delicious Israeli food and reasonably priced too. But, the main reason we love Mazl Tov and why we think hen parties will love it, is that it’s a stunning restaurant inside and is centred around a courtyard. A great place to take photos and impress any bride. You can’t book in the evening, but you can book a table during the day up until 17:30.

What is the nightlife like in Budapest?

The nightlife in Budapest is great. If you’re looking to party until dawn, there are many places where you can dance the night away, including the popular Ruins Bar area in the Jewish Quarter. This is a courtyard area with a number of small bars and a dance floor. It’s a bit sticky, but in a good way. Get there early to make sure you can get in.

Otherwise, if you like things a little more sedate, there are loads of amazing bars to hang out in. Whether you like wine bars or craft beer and breweries, there is something for everyone in Budapest.

If you’d like things to be organised for you, an option is to book onto a pub crawl. This way, the bars will be planned for you and you can get VIP entry. Book through Get Your Guide Below.

Where should hen parties stay in Budapest?

For a hen party in Budapest, there are a number of options as to where to stay. In general, you will want to be near to the action for the hen party. We would recommend staying on the Buda side of the river and not in Pest. Good locations are either near to the Central Market Hall/ Hungarian National Museum, or close to the Ruins Bars and District IIV.

There are some good budget hotels in Budapest, or alternatively for a hen party, you may consider taking a dorm room or a few private rooms in a hostel. It will depend on your group size as to what the best option is.

Here are three hostels we would recommend for hen parties in Budapest:

Hive party hostel – for hen parties looking for a bit of a wild hostel, this is the one

Flow Spaces -for hen parties looking for a slightly more chic/ budget hotel style hostel, this is a good option

Das Nest – an inexpensive but cosy hostel, this may suit a smaller group looking for a quiet hostel. This place only has 20 beds, so if you’re a very large group, you may be able to book the entire place.

How much will a hen party in Budapest cost?

Budapest is not an expensive destination, but we all know that the price of hen parties can rocket, if you don’t keep an eye on things. Here’s an idea of how much things cost in Budapest for a hen party:

Accommodation: 30 Euros (for a bunk bed) or 50 Euros for a private shared room per person per night

Food: The average price of a main course is around 10 Euros in Budapest, but you can spend more if you head out to a fancier restaurant, or less if you go for street food.

Coffee and Drinks: A coffee is around 2 Euros, a small glass of wine around 2 Euros and a pint of beer is 4 Euros. On a night out, you could get a decent bottle of Hungarian wine for between 15 and 25 Euros, or perhaps a smidge less in some places.

Tours and attractions: Prices for tours and attractions in Budapest vary. Expect to pay between 20 and 45 Euros for wine tasting and 25 Euros for spa entry.

A typical hen party including 2 nights of accommodation, 3 meals out, 2 activities and 2 nights of drinking will cost around 250 Euros (plus flights.)

How to get to Budapest for a hen party

Flights from London, or other airports in the UK, run frequently to Budapest. Flight time is just over 2 hours and return flights cost in the region of £50 if booked in advance.

From the airport, there are a few options to get to Budapest city. If you want to make things super easy for your hen party in Budapest, you can book a private car transfer here. Otherwise, look for bus number 100E, which runs from the airport direct into the city (it takes approx 45 minutes and costs around 4 Euros). Or, you can also take the metro or pick up a taxi at the airport.

If you’re coming to Budapest from another European city, you can take a bus or train easily and cheaply. Check rates below.

What is the currency in Budapest?

The currency in Budapest is actually HUF and not Euros. However, many accommodation providers will accept either currency. If you plan to visit bars, most will take card and prices will be in HUF. Some smaller street food places or coffee shops may only take cash and they will expect HUF not Euros. ATMs can be found easily in Budapest.


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