Best hats for the Camino de Santiago in 2023

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Best hats for the Camino de Santiago in 2023


When packing for the Camino de Santiago, you will probably be wondering about the best hats for the Camino. If you’re walking in the summer, a hat is essential. There are few sections of Camino that will be shaded from the sun and without a decent hat, you will put yourself at risk for sun burn and even sun stroke.

Here’s our pick of the best hats for the Camino de Santiago in 2023.

  1. Best wide brimmed hat for the Camino de Santiago
  2. Best baseball caps for the Camino de Santiago
  3. Best headband for the Camino de Santiago

Best wide brimmed hat for the Camino de Santiago

Probably the best option if you want to shield from the sun entirely is to pack a wide brimmed hat. Here are three of the best wide brimmed hats for the Camino de Santiago in 2023:

A hat to cover your neck:

This wide brimmed hat has a neck flap to cover the back of your neck when you walk. Not only will the sun be off your face, but also off your neck and avoiding sun damage. If you burn easily, or want to be careful, this is a great option for you. Available for £18.99 in a variety of colours.

A hat to accommodate pony-tails:

This wide brimmed hat has quite an attractive feminine look. There’s a gap in the back of the hat to accommodate your pony-tail and a handy chin strap to stop the hat blowing away. Available in a range of bright colours foe £11.99.

Most stylish wide-brimmed hat:

This wide-brimmed hat is a safari style number. We think it’s one of the most stylish available, especially in the khaki or stone colours. It covers your neck nicely, especially if you wear your hair down, and keeps the sun off your face. Available now for £22.

Best baseball caps for the Camino de Santiago

If you’re going for a sporty look for your Camino outfits, then a baseball cap might be your ideal option. A cap can keep the sun off your face effectively, but be sure to keep your sunscreen topped up!

Here are three of the best:

Most versatile cap

If you want to keep your hat choice simple, this may be the best one for you. A versatile stone-washed looking cap, available in many different colour choices for £9.

Cutest baseball cap

I’m a sucker for a cheery design feature and love this cute baseball cap with a smiley face. Bound to make you and other walkers smile as you walk the Camino. Available in lots of colours for £8.99.

Customised baseball cap

This may not suit everyone, but if you’re looking for a fun way to wear a hat on the Camino, why not try a customised cap? Maybe you’re walking as a group of friends and want something to make you stand out? This customised cap is available in many colours and with your own personal design for under £10.

Best headband for the Camino de Santiago

We don’t recommend packing only a headband or buff. It will not really shade you from the sun. But, packing a headband or buff can be handy in addition to a hat. If you have a hat that does not cover your neck, then you can use a buff. A buff can also be used as a sweat band, or if you run it under cold water and pop it on your head, it will cool you down significantly.

Here are two of the best:

Japanese headband

One of the simplest and most versatile items on the market, this Japanese headband is perfect to keep hair out your face when you’re walking. It can be worn in several ways and comes in different colours for £11.99.

Most colourful headband

If you want a buff with a bit more colour, you could try one of these jazzy patterned ones. Available in different eye catching designs for £8.99.

What should I pack for the Camino de Santiago?

If you would like more suggestions for packing for the Camino, you can find our supreme Camino packing list for 2023 here. This is our “lightweight” backpack packing list, based on our experience from walking multiple Caminos.

Find our packing list here.


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