Are there any free museums in Lisbon? All you need to know

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Lisbon has so much to see and do, but sometimes it’s worth hunting out some of the free experiences. Often, they can be the best ones, even though they are free. Here are some of the best free museums in Lisbon to choose from.

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  1. Free Museums in Lisbon
  2. Museums in Lisbon that you can get into for free…sometimes
  3. Which museums in Lisbon are free on Sundays?
  4. Which museums in Lisbon are free on Mondays?
  5. Are there any other free museums in Lisbon for one day per week?
  6. Which museums are included in the Lisbon card?
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Free Museums in Lisbon

Lisbon has many museums and galleries, so many that you could go to a different one each day for a month and not run out. But, if you’re visiting Lisbon on a budget, or just want to avoid spending too much money, you may be wondering if there are any free museums in Lisbon? Well, you’re in luck!

The following museums In Lisbon are free entry, whatever day of the week you visiting:

  • Money Museum is quite unironically free to enter, just note that the opening hours are Wednesday to Sunday. In a central location in Baixa, the museum allows you to mint your own coin and print your own banknote.
  • The Electricity Museum – a former power station is now an interesting science museum. A free museum in Lisbon.
  • Rua dos Correeiros Archaeological Nucleus is a fantastic find, a completely free museum in Lisbon. You may need to reserve in advance, as it is popular. Head under the ground in the Baxia area to see secret tunnels and artifacts, believed to be the remains of a Roman sardine factory.
  • João de Deus Museum – a museum dedicated to a famous physician from Portugal. It can be found near to Jardim da Estrela here.
  • Museu Nacional do Desporto – the national sports museum is located to the west of the city, beyond Belem. Found here. It includes a collection of sports shirts and sports books.

The Fado Museum is not free to everyone, but students and Portuguese nationals can enter for free any day of the week. For everyone else, it is 5 Euros and we think well worth it.

Museums in Lisbon that you can get into for free…sometimes

One of our best hacks for budget travel when we visit cities is to look out for museums which provide free admission on certain days of the week. This is more common than you might expect, frequently it will be on a Sunday or a Monday. Here are some museums in Lisbon that offer free tickets for one day per week.

Which museums in Lisbon are free on Sundays?

The Gulbenkian Museum offers free entry on Sunday after 14:00. Personally, this was our favorite museum in Lisbon. A delightful array of art and precious items curated well. The Gulbenkian is a private collection, all of which belonged to one man! The museum in found here in a park to the North of Lisbon, near to Parque Eduardo. Expect to spend at leas two hours here.

The famous Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT) in Lisbon is free on the first Sunday of the month. This is well worth a visit if you’re a fan of modern technology.

There are a few others in Lisbon that are free before 14:00 on a Sunday, but only to residents in the city. The Lisbon Museum, Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga and The Popular Art Museum for example.

Which museums in Lisbon are free on Mondays?

MUDE is the design and fashion museum in Lisbon. It is currently closed for renovation (2023) but will reopen. When it does, you can visit this museum on a Monday for free.

Are there any other free museums in Lisbon for one day per week?

Museu do Oriente is a museum displaying artifacts from all around Asia. This includes ceramics, textiles and sculptures. There are often fun exhibits, such as a recent one on Asian fans through the ages. This museum is free on a Friday evening between 18:00 and 22:00. For all other times, tickets can be bought here.

Which museums are included in the Lisbon card?

If you are a museum fan, you may be considering buying the Lisbon Card. At 22 Euros per day, the card gives you access to many attractions in the city, including museums. You also get public transport included in the rate. Not all museum are included, but here are the ones that are.

Museums that are included in the Lisbon Card (it’s a big list!)

  • National Pantheon
  • Ajuda National Palace
  • Royal Treasury Museum
  • Chiado Museum – National Museum of Contemporary Art
  • National Ethnology Museum
  • National Costume Museum
  • National Museum of Theatre and Dance
  • National Archaeology Museum
  • National Music Museum
  • Dr. Anastácio Gonçalves Museum-Residence
  • Republican National Guard Museum
  • Ceramics Museum – Sacavém
  • Air Museum
  • Batalha Monastery
  • Alcobaça Monastery
  • Tomar Convent of Christ
  • Museum of Neo Realism – Vila Franca de Xira
  • Museum of the work Michel Giacometti
  • Casa da Cerca – Museum of Contemporary Art – Almada
  • Chapel of the Holy Spirit of the Mareantes – Sesimbra
  • Setúbal Municipal Gallery
  • Maritime Museum – Sesimbra
  • Convento of Jesus – Museum of Setúbal
  • Mourisca Tide Mill – Herdade da Mourisca

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