What do female digital nomads need?

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As we are moving around so frequently, we are trying to keep our personal items to a minimum and our luggage light. But there are some items that I, personally, would struggle to travel without. This is my recommended list of “essential items” for female digital nomads. 

What technology do Digital Nomads need?

Laptop or iPad – goes without saying, but a laptop or iPad is essential if you’re trying to work on the road. I normally carry a 15-inch laptop, which I find to be optimum for me personally. But, for hiking trips, I have also just taken an iPad with a keyboard attached. I find the keyboard absolutely essential. Sure, you could work on your phone, but for me writing is much easier with a keyboard to hand.

Ergonomic Accessories – linked to above, I think it’s really important for maximum productivity to have ergonomic accessories. For me, a mouse for my laptop is vital to prevent injury and I like to carry a headset for client calls.

Spotify or Streaming Account – Ok, not actually an “item”, but an app on a phone. A must have for life on the road is access to podcast and music streaming at all times. I love the fact I can download playlists or podcasts through Spotify to listen to whilst my phone is on airplane mode. If you want to link into our travel playlists – check out our Spotify here.

Audible or Kindle Access – again not a “physical item”, but in our quest for minimalism we have sadly had to ban hard copy books and instead I rely heavily on access to Audible or Kindle. I’d be lost without a good book!

Battery Pack – absolutely vital to plug the gap between charging electronic items. Great for hikes or just a day out working away from our Airbnb.  In my view, this is required for digital nomads.

An internet enabled SIM – I try, where possible, to always link into WiFi. But I find it a great comfort to know that I’ve got a SIM that could connect if my WiFi goes down. An absolute essential item for digital nomads.

What personal items do female Digital Nomads need?

Moon Cup or Similar – I’ve mentioned this in a previous post on packing light for women walking the Camino de Santiago. But I can’t emphasise enough, how much of game changer a Moon Cup is for packing lightly as you travel. Not only is it a money saver and space saver, but it’s also better for the environment. In my view, an essential item for female digital nomads.

SPF Sunscreen – I completely accept that you can buy sunscreen everywhere, but I like to always travel with a small bottle of sunscreen for sensitive skin. It’s difficult to find overseas, if you have sensitive skin like me, then I recommend packing it with you.

Small 100ml Bottles – small refillable bottles are a game changer if you’re frequently getting on planes or moving around. I use these for hair serum, face serum or other more expensive/ specific toiletries that are difficult to find overseas. Any more mainstream items, like shampoo, I will of course buy at my destination.

Ibuprofen – Again, you can of course buy this anywhere. But sometimes pharmacies overseas can be expensive compared to the UK, so I always make sure I have an emergency pack with me.

What clothing and footwear do female Digital Nomads need?

Small canvas bag or Bum Bag – I hate to say it, but my handbag days are over. They simply do not fit the brief for packing light. Instead, I carry a small canvas shopping bag (you could also use a bum bag/fanny pack) if that suits you. But I’m a fan of a canvas bag because they fold up, act as a beach bag or a day bag, fit a bottle of water in and can be replaced easily and cheaply. I also carry an Elizabeth Scarlett makeup bag that can double as an evening bag in an emergency (if there is such a thing as an evening bag emergency.)

Workout gear and Trainers – goes without saying, vital items for staying fit on the road. I like to always have a workout top, a sports bra, trainers, shorts and leggings as well as a travel yoga mat and resistance band.

Flip Flops or lightweight canvas shoes – TOMs canvas shoes, or other cheaper alternatives, and good pair of Havianas Flip Flips are my go-to. I’ve had the same pair of Havianas since 2006 – they’ve been on SO MANY adventures and are still going strong.

Rain Poncho – if I’m not in a cold climate, I tend to pack a rain poncho instead of a coat or rain jacket. The main reason is that I often won’t have many clothes and a poncho can protect your whole outfit from rain, as well as neatly fitting over your luggage. They also pack up really small.

Items I like to travel with as a female Digital Nomad

Corkscrew – we like wine, and often buy drinks in supermarkets to enjoy a vista, rather than drinking in bars. So, always carry a corkscrew, just in case. Perhaps not an essential item for digital nomads, but something I like to have!

Coffee Filter – I am a coffee fiend and can get NO WORK done without my morning coffee. After a few bad experiences, I’ve invested in a travel coffee filter (simple purchase from Amazon – there are lots of options) to make sure I never have to go without, or resort to instant coffee (my nemesis).

Pack of Playing Cards – we love playing games, but can’t carry much, so always carry a simple pack of playing cards. You can play multiple games and they’re a good/ universal social activity.

Notebook and Pen – if I’m out travelling for the day, I might not take my laptop but will always carry a small notebook and pen for jotting down notes or writing when the inspiration takes me.


Most of our planning is done using other blogs, but you can’t beat a guide book at the bottom of your case. Find yours on Amazon here and get the travelling started!

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