You’ve heard about the 7 types of people you’ll meet and love on the Camino. But what about the 7 habits that everyone should avoid? Let’s raise a glass to not becoming one of these people!

Locomotive Snoring on the Camino

Woman hiding from noise of snoring

Most Albergue rooms with be filled with the sounds of gentle snoring all through the night. After a massive walk and a few beers we are all capable of the odd snore. But occasionally, you’ll encounter a snorer so dastardly that they will keep the entire room awake ALL NIGHT. This snoring penetrates though ear buds, pillows, even the sound of a lorry speeding down the road wouldn’t drown out this person! The worst is the uneven rhythm, the ones who briefly stop snoring just long enough to make you think its stopped, before it suddenly reaches an even more decadent crescendo. AGGHH! I’m not saying snorers shouldn’t walk the Camino, we totally expect snoring in a dorm, but if you know you have a serious issue, maybe there are ways to avoid depriving an entire room of any sleep.

Serial Philandering in Albergues

Couple on beach

Lets face it, many people walk the Camino to meet someone and form romantic connections. Totally cool. But don’t be the person who has a new fling in every Albergue. Look out for lines like “You’re the first girl / boy I’ve found a connection with on the Camino.” Whatever!

You meet a wonderful girl/guy, you fall for the charm and the instant connection, perhaps they woo you. You can’t wait to walk the rest of the Camino with them, maybe stay in touch after the walk. But, they have other ideas. Next day, they’re out of here never to be seen again. Soon you’ll meet another girl/guy who has also fallen for their lines. You have a serial philanderer on your hands! Run!

Serial Philandering people, that’s one habit to avoid on the Camino.

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Donativo Penny Pinching on the Camino

Counting money

The Camino is here for all. It is particularly open to Pilgrims on different budgets. This is why Donativos exist. It’s simple, you donate what you can and what you think that the hospitality is worth. If you cant afford it, that’s totally fine. But the absolute worst, are the people who spend loads of cash in bars, or on Camino tat but refuse to pay a fair amount for the Donativo Albergue. Oh, they’ll enjoy the 3 course dinner with wine, the roof over their head and the hot water shower in the morning. But they won’t donate anything to the people who have worked hard to provide it. Avoid this habit on the camino!

Being Gross in Albergues on the Camino

Holding up condom on camino

Let’s face it, nobody is on tip top hygienic form during the Camino. But, there is a spectrum. There’s wearing the same socks two days in a row (totally acceptable imv) then there is totally gross. I’m talking, popping blisters on a bunk bed, bringing walking shoes into the dorm, microwaving your dirty socks, peeing in the shower, barefoot in the toilet, blister plasters dropped on the floor and dirty under-crackers strewn over the bunk beds. C’mon guys!

Being glued to your phone

Texting on phone

Yes. We all want to get to Wifi when we get to our Albergue for the evening. Check on Insta and catch up with friends at home. But it goes a bit far when people are in communal areas face-timing on repeat with ear phones in all night. Maybe they are shy (totally fine) but quite often they are just glued to something else and totally missing their surroundings and the connections they could be making. Let’s put down the phones!

Being inconsiderate of others on the Camino

Shouting through megaphone

We all know that there is an unspoken Albergue rule book. It’s quite simple. It has only one rule. When lights are out in the dorm BE QUIET and DO NOT under any circumstances TURN ON THE LIGHTS. If this means you need to get your clothes ready before lights out or get ready in the corridor in the morning, then do it. If someone wakes up your entire room by turning on the light, perhaps with a rousing “Good Morning” to accompany it, make sure you boo and hiss to discourage them. Let’s avoid this habit on the camino.

Becoming a closed group on the Camino

Girls huddled together

Its lovely when people find new friends and travel on the Camino in groups. But its absolutely rubbish if this means they’re shut off to making new connections. What a shame! Its total “you cant sit with us” Mean Girl vibes. Booo to the closed groups.

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7 responses to “Habits to avoid on the Camino de Santiago”

  1. qprgary avatar

    That’s annoying people I meet daily

  2. Life...One Big Adventure avatar

    Good tips. I will do my best to be a good pilgrim when I head back on the Way in May 2023. Mel

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  5. seekingdivineperspective avatar

    Good tips! It seems what they all have in common is the concept of being aware that there are other people there besides yourself and putting a little thought into how your behavior is affecting those around you. (Think “Golden Rule.”)

  6. Karolina avatar

    Serial Philandering – I love it! I had strong opinions about people who would hook up on the Camino. I was like…really? Well, and then when I was walking my second Camino with my dad (ironically I wanted for him to find a a life partner 🙂 ) – I met my husband. Really? We will be married 8 years in April. However, back in 2014 I broke my own little rules I guess. Yours are excellent and I wish more people would read them. Especially those who switch on lights at 4 am – just to show off later at the dinner table and tell everyone they walked 45km (28 miles).

    1. avatar

      Haha love this story Karolina. Of course we love all Caminoers just sometimes it’s fun to make these observations :))

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