A question that I have asked myself frequently since becoming a digital nomad and working remotely around the world. Am I a productive remote worker?

To test myself and my ability to work remotely, I’ve set myself a challenge. Find out more below.

Productivity in the office

When we work a traditional 9 to 5, it’s quite easy to “feel” productive. If we get through the day, attend all the meetings in our diary and do a few emails. Then this feels as though we have had a productive day. This is especially true when we travel into an office.

The commute alone can feel like an achievement. But we are also in an echo chamber, if we appear to achieve as much as everybody around us, then we will feel as though we are equal to our peers, in productivity terms at least. We are doing what us expected of us and rewarding ourselves accordingly. But are we really that productive in this environment?

Remote working

Remote working however is a different beast. There are more distractions. There is sometimes nobody checking on us or making sure that we are working. There is less accountability.

Yet, we have the ability to work productively from anywhere remotely if we want to. Arguably, we may even achieve more outside the office. Although it may not always feel that way.

Productivity is power

Productivity is a topic that has always fascinated me. And recently, I’ve been questioning how productive I am these days as a digital nomad compared to working in the city in London.

So, I’ve decided to set myself a challenge. I’m going to write a book about productivity and how remote workers, and digital nomads, can be their most productive selves.

What’s more, I’m going to write it within one week, working remotely in Ho Chi Minh.


To make myself accountable, I’ve decided to tell people about my book. I have some notes and a rough outline. But that’s all. There are no words written yet. There are no pages. There is no plan. But there will be.

Studies show, that we are all much more productive if we make a commitment to a friend or loved one. Or a public commitment – like this one!

What will the book be about?

The book will examine what it means to be productive, how we define it and how we identify it.

I will also analyse the best ways to be productive as a remote worker and look in detail at the things to avoid doing. This will be a deep dive into minimising distractions and making the most of your time and energy.

I’ll pick apart “scientifically guaranteed” methods of maintaining productivity. I’ll look to societies, cultures and best practice from across the world, in different sectors and industries.

The book will consider what the minimum requirements are for remote workers to survive and what’s needed to thrive and be as effective as possible.

But most importantly, because I believe productivity is personal, I’m going to examine how each of us can find our own productivity power.

If this sounds interesting to you, watch this space!

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