5 European cities you can visit from Belgrade without flying

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We’ve recently travelled to Belgrade in Serbia, where we are spending some time seeing out the Winter in this buzzy, but chilly, capital city. Although Belgrade has more than enough to offer tourists (more to come on that in later posts), we have also been exploring European cities you can visit from Belgrade. As always, we are keen to limit how often we fly, therefore we are looking at cities that we can travel overland to without flying.

Here are the top five European cities that you can visit from Belgrade without flying:

How to travel from Belgrade to Budapest

The distance between Belgrade and Budapest is less than 500km. It is possible to drive from Belgrade to Budapest in around 5 hours, assuming clear traffic conditions.

To get the bus from Belgrade to Budapest, it will take six hours and costs $26. You can book in advance here on Bookaway, for one of the two departures that runs each day.

Find out what to do in Budapest in 48 hours (coming soon)

How to travel from Belgrade to Sofia

Sofia is 400km from Belgrade with a driving time of less than 5 hours, making this an accessible city to travel to from Belgrade.

There is a bus service that runs from Belgrade to Sofia in Bulgaria, it takes 6 hours 30 minutes and will cost around $38. You can book this service here.

You can read more about Sofia, specifically where to eat in Sofia here.

How to travel from Belgrade to Vienna

Belgrade to Vienna is around 600km and will take you around 7 hours to drive.

The best way to get from Belgrade to Vienna is via bus if you’re looking to travel overland. The bus takes 8 hours 30 minutes and prices are from $31 on Bookaway, you can book here.

Interestingly, Vienna is a short train ride (around one hour) from Budapest, making Vienna and Budapest a great combination of cities to visit during the same trip.

Find out how to enjoy Vienna on a budget.

How to travel from Belgrade to Sarajevo

Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina is less than 300km from Belgrade. However, the driving time is around 5 hours as the route between the two cities is quite convoluted.

Belgrade to Sarajevo is accessible via bus, but it does take 7 hours. The cost is $24 on Bookaway and there are 5 operators doing this route, making the service regular. You can choose a service that runs overnight, or one that travels during the day. You can book here to travel by bus from Belgrade to Sarajevo.

How to travel from Belgrade to Kotor

Kotor is approximately 500km from Belgrade and the travel time by car is around 8 hours.

Travelling by bus from Belgrade to Kotor costs around $28 on Bookaway and takes approximately 9 hours. You can book your bus here and choose from one of the two departures per day.

You can read more about Kotor here, including what to eat and drink during you visit to Montenegro.

From Belgrade, you can also travel to Budva in Montenegro. The bus ride is 30 minutes less than to Kotor at 8 hours 30 minutes and services run three times per day. You can book here.

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