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Are you visiting Kotor in Montenegro? Do you need some cheap and quick food to eat in Kotor? On a recent trip to Kotor, we discovered that some restaurants can be quite pricey, but there are lots of options for cheap and quick food in Kotor. If you want further guidance on what to do in Kotor to get the most from your stay – check here.

Best Burgers in Kotor -Mesara S Grill

Mesara “S” & Gril Pecenjara / Kotor
+382 67 536 715

Seemingly an innocuous butchers, this burger grill will be able to whip you up a hamburger (pork) or burger (beef) in 15 minutes from their own supply of meat. Located just outside the old town walls to the north of the city. It has a couple of seats inside to eat at.

Prices are very reasonable compared to other places in the old town at €5 for a burger. If you are really hungry you can upgrade to a full mixed grill for 10 euros. The burger itself is HUGE. You will certainly be full.

Quick and cheap food in Kotor
The burger from Mesara Grill is absolutely huge.

Best Pizza – Pizzeria Pronto

Pizzeria Pronto
+382 67 991 666

Found through a small hole in the wall in the center of old town. This well run operation is a hive of activity with pizzas in constant production. You can of course get a whole pizza, but the real gem here is the slice or parca pizza. They don’t hold back on the toppings with generous helpings of ham and cheese. Vegetarian options are available. Grab a slice for 3 euros. An outstanding option

Pizza in Kotor
Pizza in Kotor
Pizza pronto menu.

Quick bite in Kotor – Pekara bakery

Pekara AS

Sat outside the walls of the old town, slightly north. This bakery has a selection of sandwiches and filo pastry bites for a couple of euros. Quick in and out job, perfect for a quick bite in Kotor. Highly recommend the spinach and feta Berek.

Bakery in Kotor

Fried Fish – Little Bay Fast Food

Little Bay Old Town
+382 67 512 494

Little Bay Food not to be confused with its large restaurant beach side cousin and can be found in the heart of old town and is a great place for cheap and quick food in Kotor.

Specialising in fried fish, this is a dish that can’t be found easily around town. Wash it down with a takeaway pint of Tuborg beer for only 2.5 euros. This is the cheapest pint of beer we found in Kotor! If however you’ve found cheaper do let us know.

Ice Cream – Marshall’s Gelato

Marshall’s Gelato
+382 69 521 871

Kotor is not short on ice cream parlours and it’s not to say the others are not good but we thought this one deserved a mention with is delicious selection of gluten free and vegan ice creams. The inside is pretty cool with a clean look.

It’s a tad pricey at 2.5 euros a scoop but we think it’s well worth it. Highly recommend the salted pistachio and chocolate nougat. The perfect cheap and quick bite in Kotor for anyone with a sweet tooth.


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