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best things to do in Kotor

We visited the wonderful walled city of Kotor in Montenegro. A divine old town surrounded by stunning water, sparkling in the sun. Whether you’re visiting for a day or a week, there is plenty to keep you entertained. Here are the ten best things to do in Kotor.


Where is Kotor?

Kotor is a small town in Montenegro, situated around 25km from Budva and 89km from the airport in Podgorica. Kotor’s blue water nestles closely to the mountains creating a dramatic tension between the low-lying bay and the sky-high hills. The Old Town at the heart of Kotor presents a maze of cobbled streets, dabbled with restaurants, bars and historic sites. Kotor may not be a well-known as Dubrovnik to the South, or Budva to the East but it is certainly as spectacular.

Can you walk around Kotor?

Kotor is an excellent place to walk around. The old town is bijou and you can walk around the entire thing in around an hour. The rest of the town has a promenade, making it easy to walk around, even with a push chair. You can easily get to Dobrada and beyond, enjoying many swimming spots along the coast. But, cycling and kayaking are some of the best things to do in Kotor, if you don’t feel like walking. Find our guide below on the 10 best things to do in Kotor.

What are the best things to do in Kotor

You could merrily spend a week here lazing on the beach, but if you’re on the lookout for more activities, here are the best ten things to do.

1. Visit the Old Town

The first thing to do in Kotor is visit the walled old town. The Old Town is an absolute delight. A combination of ancient winding streets and laid-back squares filled with restaurants and bars. Enjoy a bite to eat as you walk around. Or sit down at one of the many bars and restaurants and enjoy some people watching alongside some traditional Montenegrin cuisine.

Be sure to visit the Watch Tower and Cathedral of Sveti Tripun. But there are so many other historical sites to see!

If you want something a little more entertaining, you could try this fun app game for two people. It’s a walking tour and a fun quiz game in one. All you need is a friend and a phone!

2. Cycle Around the Bay

An excellent activity for sporty types is to cycle around the bay in Kotor. This is definitely one of the best things to do in Kotor for families too.

For around 10 Euros per day, you can hire a bike and cycle around the bay of Kotor. Here the roads are flat and not busy. It’s possible to cycle all the way around Dobrota, through Kotor and onwards to the Myo area. Enjoy an ice-cream, lunch or dip in the water as you go. Try Get Your Guide, which will arrange rental for you.

3. Walk the City Walls and Visit St Giovanni Fort

The old town of Kotor is enclosed by Medieval city wall. There are various access points in the old town from which you can climb up. It’s completely free to walk around and enjoy the view.

Sticking with historic sites in Kotor, you could also visit St Giovanni Fort. A short climb from the old town will take you to this attraction. Tickets are 8 Euros.

4. Hire a Paddle Board or Kayak – active thing to do in Kotor

Kotor is best investigated by water which makes kayaking one of the best things to do in Kotor. Especially if it is a hot day, what could be better than paddling around visiting the various bays around the coast?

For around 30 Euros per person, you can take a 2.5 hour kayak tour. This tour will take you to numerous points of interest, as well as to bays where you can sunbathe. A great activity if you’ve just got off a cruise ship in Kotor and you’re looking for an active way to explore.

Rates provided by Get Your Guide.

5. Take a boat tour to the Blue Cave

With Get Your Guide you can take a 3 hour boat tour of the bay of Kotor. This takes in all the key sights including Perast and the wonderful old town. Next, you’ll see Lady of the Rock, a tiny island with a chapel. Finally, you’ll head to the epic Blue Cave. A natural cave with an incredible blue light effect. At the Blue cave you’ll spend 20 minutes inside the cave where you can enjoy a swim!

Rates provided by Get Your Guide.

6. Hike the Ladder of Kotor – best hike in Kotor

The ladder of Kotor is a spectacular hiking trail that winds back and forth up the mountain from Kotor’s old town. It’s truly the best way to get a view of the entire bay.

Allow between two and four hours to hike to the top and back. For a full guide on how to hike the ladder of Kotor click here. If you don’t have that time, you could walk up part of it and still get a wonderful view of the bay of Kotor.

7. Relax on the beach – best things to do in Kotor

There are two beaches in Kotor. The main one is located here, next the wonderful Little Bay restaurant. It’s a small beach but remains fairly uncrowded. There’s also a natural beach further around the bay towards Myo, located here.

But, beaches aren’t the only places to enjoy a swim. Between Kotor and Dobrata there are many swimming spots, perfect if you want something more private. Just walk along and you’ll find somewhere wonderful to cool off in the water.

Little Bay and a few other bars along the coast also offer the chance to jump straight into the water from the bar.

8. Visit Perast

From Kotor you can take a bus that takes 20 minutes to the town of Perast. The bus runs every hour and costs 1 Euro. Look for Blue Line buses leaving from outside the old town gate. In Perast, you can see St Nikolas church or just enjoy the small-town vibes as you wander around.

9. Enjoy Seafood in Dobrota

Take a stroll along the promenade and head for Dobrata. This is a quiet suburb of Kotor which sits alongside the sparkling blue water. Enjoy a seafood platter and bottle of white wine at Konoba Portun for around 30 euros per person.

10. Shop in Kotor

Kotor is geared towards tourism and as such there are lots of souvenir shops around the Old Town. There’s also a vast selection of fabulous sparkling gemstones sold at jewellery stores if you’re shopping for something a bit more special. Finally, be sure to check out the Bazar in the old town which sells all sorts of weird and wonderful items.


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