Why become a Digital Nomad?

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5 Benefits to Being a Digital Nomad

We often write about how to achieve your goal to become a Digital Nomad. But we rarely stop to think about, and write about, the benefits that this lifestyle can provide. We are currently sitting back, enjoying a fantastic view over our laptops and a coffee in our hands (humble brag). This is definitely making us realise the positives of our lifestyle. Many people as us why become a digital nomad? Here we’ve picked our top 5 benefits of being a digital nomad.

Opportunities to travel for Digital Nomads

This has to be the NUMBER ONE reason that most Digital Nomads choose this life. For us, it’s the absolute biggest benefit. Of course, there are ways to travel when you have a 9 to 5 job and a permanent home location. But the travel has to fit around your schedule. As a Digital Nomad, it’s the other way around. Your work and location have to fit around your travel schedule.

Becoming a Digital Nomad means making a choice to prioritise travel above the other components in your life. This could mean spending 6 months in one place. Or travelling to a new location every day if that’s what you choose. Whatever way you go about it, there are always going to be opportunities to travel as a digital nomad.

Being a digital nomad gives you financial flexibility

As a digital nomad, one of the big benefits is the financial flexibility that this lifestyle can provide. If you remain in one location or house, then you’re at the behest of rising interest rates or energy prices in that particular country. Whereas, as a nomad, you can choose to leave and find somewhere with lower prices.

There are multiple ways to save money and stick to a budget if you travel carefully and take advantage of deals where you can. Airbnbs can be booked in advance and there are long stay discounts available. In most cases, as a Digital Nomad, you won’t be tied into rental agreements and won’t have to pay energy bills. Not only is this a huge cost saving, but it provides total flexibility. This is a huge benefit to being a digital nomad.

Work life balance for digital nomads

Work life balance is important to everyone, more so in an age of “quiet quitting” and “the great resignation.” Working in a job that is location independent, whether freelance or employed, can really enhance a work life balance. Gone are the regular commutes into the office, or the work networking events that you have to go to.

The Friday night short haul flights as you try to flee the city where you work, are no longer necessary. Instead, you can close your laptop and enjoy the location you’ve chosen to be in at that particular time! Plus, working completely remotely can sometimes mean you can choose your hours, perhaps logging on for a few hours in the evening, or making an early start so that you maximise your sightseeing time.

Being a Digital Nomad gives you a chance to start afresh

Every day is a new day for all of us. But if you have a permanent home location every day can still feel similar to the previous one. For some people, this is an enjoyable feeling. But for us, we love the feeling that everyday living as a Digital Nomad can provide completely new, engaging and exciting experiences. If we wanted to move around to a new town every day, then we could. With no office to speak of, we could choose to work in a different location every day, or at least a different coffee shop.

If we arrive in a location and we aren’t enjoying it, perhaps not meeting as many people as we’d hoped, or discovering that the coffee is overpriced, then we can move on. With every new location comes the chance to try new activities, find a new hobby, eat different food, explore unseen locations and meet new folk. Whilst you can never completely change yourself, these experiences are bound to shape your outlook afresh each day.

You meet lots of people as a Digital Nomad

This one is also really important to us. Every new location means a whole new chance to meet locals, nomads or other travellers. It can be difficult on the road to make lasting and deep friendships, but it’s not impossible. That said, we really enjoy the everyday exchanges, the snatched conversations over coffee or in the supermarket or the locals that join us for a drink unexpectedly. These small chats can provide new information or just give a different perspective or insight into local life.


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