Is there a type of accommodation that you should aim for to ensure that you get maximum work done while having enough of a social outlet? Here we look at the best attributes Digital Nomad accommodation.

We will assume for the purpose of this blog you either a solo nomad or travelling as a couple, but not with a family. We’ll be writing more on how to book long term stays and get the best deals in a future post!

Your Own Place v Shared Space

For us, it’s crucial that we have our own space to work and be creative in. We’ve tried staying in Hostels and working but came to the quick realisation that it was time to move on! They may be much cheaper and have the party atmosphere, and a central location, but realistically the amount of work done and sleep you will get there will be minimal.

What about a private room in a hostel I hear you say? The distractions will still be there from guests who are on a holiday rather than working. Having your own place also provides flexibility about what time of day you can work night or day.

If you love the social atmosphere of hostels, you could scope whether they run any events and join! Or even better, find a Nomad event near you.

How about cafes? We love working in cafes, just make sure you buy enough to justify your long stay! Nobody likes a nomad who drinks one cup of coffee and takes up a seat for 3 hours!

Some cities, particularly those with high numbers of Digital Nomads now have co-working spaces. This isn’t something we personally go in for, but it may be a good option for you.

Digital Nomad accommodation guide
An ideal working space for a digital nomad.

Centrally location v Further Out

Largely, this depends on the location but ideally, we tend to look for a super central location especially in a city.

Getting to know a new place will take time. You will not know where the best bars, cafes and grocery are located. By being centrally located you can easily gather your bearings and get this sussed out in the first few days. Yes, it will cost more than places further out but on balance, we think the time saving makes it worth it. If you choose to locate yourself further out, you will spend time each day on public transport.

That said, for an upcoming stint in Dubrovnik, we’ve opted to stay further out of city a quiet suburb with an apartment overlooking the sea. There may be times in your work, when you’ll benefit from the peace and quiet that you can’t achieve being central in a city! It comes back to a personal decision, based on what your current goals are at the time.

Bus for digital nomads
Don’t make this your daily view and get somewhere central.

The Non-Negotiables for digital nomad accommodation

At Lotus Eaters Travel, we have a list of non-negotiables when we rent a new place. This is:

  • A washing machine;
  • A terrace or outdoor space (more on that below);
  • A kitchen or kitchenette as a minimum;
  • A desk or table of some sort that enables effective working for two people.

More important than having any other appliance in the accommodation is a fast stable internet connection. All plans fall apart when the internet fails to live up to expectations. Many Airbnb hosts will have a picture in their profile showing the internet speed. If they don’t then send a message before you book and ask. You can also read reviews from previous occupants.

Tech for digital nomads
Ask your accommodation for a picture of internet test speed if it’s not on the listing.

Is an outdoor space required for digital nomad accommodation?

This may not seem that important but having an outdoor space such as a terrace or balcony can be a huge productivity boost either to work on or to take a break. Some of our best ideas have come while sitting on a terrace with a cup of coffee/glass of wine.

It also provides an entertaining space for friends you make or allows dinner al fresco in those hotter months. Plus, if your indoor space is small, then having a terrace can be great to double up as a workout area.

Is this essential for digital nomad accommodation. For us, it’s non-negotiable.

Terrace for digital nomads
Doesn’t need to be this fancy but an outdoor space will help you recharge without having the need to always go out.

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