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As a digital nomad you will likely have to carry everything you require on your back, possibly even everything you own. But are we being really honest with ourselves about the amount of things we actually do ‘need? How can we go about packing for digital nomad guys to ensure we are travelling light?

Based on my experience as a male digital nomad, I have created a list of items and approximate of each item. This will hopefully act as a guide to ensure that you have packed lightly enough to enable you to move around freely and live viva nomad!


Digital Nomad Packing List: How much does a digital nomad bag weigh?

In order to fit what you need, it’s probably best to have a bag no smaller than 40 litres. The best three bags out there currently (2022) are the Osprey Ultra Light, Topo Light, Patagonia Ultra light tote. These bags weight on average 1.3kg. So that begins our weigh in for packing for digital nomad guys.

I’d recommend being cautious about choosing a bag any bigger than 40L. If you pick something bigger, you’re likely to fill it. I got 99 problems, but the bag ain’t one!  

Digital Nomad packing list: What to pack in digital nomad bag?

To begin your moibile office will weigh around 2.55kg. A lot will depend on your specific working situation, but let’s assume that like 90% of digital nomads you are working online and require a laptop for work. Naturally in addition you will need a mouse and headphones, or a headset, to ensure comfortable working. For the sake of argument, we have chosen a 14 inch screen.

Male digital nomad

Let’s look at the weight of the items in your mobile office:

  • 14” Laptop: 1.8kg/4lbs)
  • Laptop Power Cable: 0.4kg/9.9lbs
  • Mouse: 0.1kg/0.2lbs
  • Headphones: 0.05kg/0.1lbs
  • Phone: 0.2kg/0.2lbs

Digital Nomad Packing List: Clothing (2.45kg/5.4lbs) for digital nomad guys

My first golden rule for clothing on the road – pack only items you enjoy wearing.

While we all want to look good we also have to realistic about the range of items we can take.  For all the items below.  Make them your absolute favourite.  So that every item of clothing you enjoy wearing.  You don’t want a situation where a few items are much better than the other so you only end up wearing half of them for 90% of the time.  If you don’t like it a lot, don’t pack it.  Here is the definitive list for clothing.

For the below, I’ve made another assumption that you are not visiting very cold countries. Well, why would you when you can go anywhere? But if you are visiting a colder climate, then a small roll up jacket and lightweight travel fleece will go a long way.

  • 1 x Light Sweater 0.3kg/0.6lbs
  • 4 x Shirts/T-shirts (0.15 x 4) 0.6kg/1.2lbs
  • 1 x Jeans Pair 0.35kg/0.8lbs
  • 1 x Shorts 0.2kg/0.4lbs
  • 1 x Trainers (I know you’ll be wearing these) 0.5kg/1.1lbs
  • 1 x Swimming Shorts (optional) 0.2kg/0.44lbs
  • 3 x Underwear 0.2kg/0.4lbs
  • 3 x Socks 0.1kg/0.2lbs

No need to pack hats, gloves, scarf, coat, rain mac. These are all items that will be used so infrequently that it just isn’t worth packing them. Likewise, do not pack multiples of items such a shoes or swimming costumes. This is not useful. You can only wear one at a time. So don’t include duplicates when packing for digital nomad guys.

Digital Nomad packing list: Toiletries – (1kg/2.2lbs)

Unless you’re planning to work remotely from the Congo, you don’t need to bring all of your toiletries as there will be stuff sold locally.

  • 1 x Electric Toothbrush + charging base 0.2kg/0.44lbs
  • 1x Toothpaste 0.1kg/0.2lbs
  • 1x Small Body Wash 0.05kg/0.1lbs
  • 1x Babylis Electric Shaver 0.55kg/0.1lbs
  • 1x Deodrant 0.1kg/0.2lbs

An electric shaver will be useful for all manner or male grooming, lower bits and facial bits if you get me. Things you don’t need are large bottles of shampoo and shower gel. Most Airbnb’s and hostels will provide you with this. The small body wash is suggested just in case there really isn’t any to hand. No one likes a smelly man, as my friend says.

Razor for male digital nomads
You may not need one of these.

Digital Nomad packing list: Miscellaneous – (1kg/2.2lbs)

These are your small and important bits.

  • 1 x USB Plug 0.1kg/0.2lbs
  • 1 x Phone Charger Cable(s) 0.1kg/0.2lbs
  • 1 x Passport 0.05kg/0.1lbs
  • 1 x USB Battery 0.75kg/1.6lbs

This brings you to a grand TOTAL of: 8.3kg/18.3lbs (including bag)

Packing light for guys: Golden Rules

  • Don’t pack multiples when you can only wear one item at a time – no man needs two pairs of comedy swimming trunks;
  • Be ruthless, constantly update and throw away;
  • It is usually not cost effective to pay for a carry on or hold luggage (there may be exceptions, but in general, this is a false economy);
  • The next destination rule, before you move on to a new place do an audit of your bag. If you haven’t used an item for two weeks, ditch it. Chances are, you don’t need it! (Exception is your passport guys!)
  • Don’t pack so much stuff that its “in your way”, as digital nomads we want to enjoy the experiences around us and bury ourselves in the work we love, not lugging around “things!”

Do you think I’ve been too extreme, or would you pack even less? Let me know how you would do it in the comments below.

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