The best albergues on the Camino del Norte

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It is no secret that we think the Camino del Norte is the most beautiful Camino route. We loved walking the Norte in 2022, it was the start of our love affair with the Camino de Santiago. Choosing where to stay is such an important part of the Camino experience. There are a lot of wonderful albergues along the North coast, but the six below are our favourites. Read on to find out about the best albergues on the Camino del Norte (in our opinion).

If you want to find out more about what albergues are and how to stay in them, you can read our article here.

Best Breakfast in an Albergue on the Camino del Norte: Albergue A Ponte Ribadeo

This is a close run thing, we had some lovely breakfasts on the Camino del Norte. For us, it has to be Albergue Al Ponte in Ribadeo. This is a small private albergue in the first town you’ll reach in Galicia. The breakfast, cooked by a lady who smashes it out in the kitchen every single day, is toast, fresh omelette, fresh cake, fresh juice and delicious fresh coffee. All for 4 Euros.

About the Albergue:

  • This is a small private albergue with two dorms. One dorm has 8 beds and the other has 20
  • Central to Ribadeo, close to the restaurants so that you can enjoy the finest cuisine that Galicia has to offer in town
  • Adequate facilities

What we loved:

  • The breakfast (see above)
  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Real linen and oh so comfortable bunk beds

How to book:

This Albergue is available to book on Booking.comhere.

Best Hosts in an Albergue on the Camino del Norte: Albergue Casa de la Trinidad

This one has to go to the Nuns looking after all the Pilgrims at Albergue Casa de la Trinidad in Laredo. This is a convent that is run as an Albergue. It is so very organised. It’s run almost like a military operation, if the military were a group of warm and lovely ladies.

About the Albergue:

  • Near the centre of Laredo, which is a large beach town with a stunning long beach (a must visit)
  • Its a beautiful convent building with loads of history
  • There are lots of small rooms with different numbers of beds in, mostly you won’t have to share a bathroom with more than 3 people.

What we loved:

  • The Nuns are incredibly welcoming and super organised.
  • On arrival, they run through all the house rules whilst giving you a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice to refresh after your walk
  • Thought is given to who is going to share a room together, avoiding any solo women feeling uncomfortable particularly.
  • They run a communal dinner which is so much fun (and yes, you can drink wine during the dinner – BYOB!)

How to book:

It’s first come first served for pilgrims arriving at the Albergue at 15:00, however there is plenty of space so I don’t think this place would ever have to turn away anyone.

Best Garden in an Albergue on the Camino del Norte: Albergue Eskerika exclusivo peregrinos

A rural albergue, Eskerika is to be found up an extremely steep hill. However, climbing the hill is worth is when you eventually arrive to this albergue. A cold beer awaits you, which you can enjoy in the stunning garden in a hammock.

About the Albergue:

  • A mix of dorms and one or two private rooms available (however, the private room is accessed through the dorm)
  • The albergue will also allow campers in the garden
  • A snack bar is available (cash only), as well as cooking facilities and breakfast
  • Small, private and family run

What we loved:

  • Resting and soaking up the evening sun in the delightful garden
  • Friendly and sociable outdoor cooking area
  • Rural location and feeling

How to book:

This albergue is available to book on

Best Facilities in an Albergue on the Camino del Norte: Albergue o Xistral

Albergue o Xistral is definitively our favourite albergue on the Camino del Norte for facilities. Why? Well, it has a swimming pool for a start. This is surrounded by a stunning garden with loungers. Plus, the inside of the albergue feels more like a classy house than an albergue. The bathrooms are luxurious, the beds are comfortable and the communal meal was fabulous.

We spent the early evening drinking wine in the garden with some new friends before enjoying a delicious supper, then returning to the garden to lay under the stars. The perfect rest just two days before Santiago.

About the Albergue:

  • A remote, rural small private albergue offering communal dinner
  • Breakfast is included in the rate you pay on – just help yourself in the morning
  • You’ll feel like a guest in a home for a night rather than a wandering pilgrim

What we loved:

  • The clean and luxurious bathrooms. Not only are they lovely, with stunning showers and sinks, but there are at least three bathrooms in the building. No queuing needed!
  • The beds are comfortable with nice linen
  • There’s a communal meal – definitely do this! It’s reasonably priced and generously includes wine
  • This is a small albergue, so a dream for introverts or those looking for a more intimate setting

How to book:

This albergue is available to book on here

Best Design features in an Albergue on the Camino del Norte: Parga Natura

Set in the beautiful rural village of Parga, is the Parga Natura Alojamiento. Many pilgrims miss this albergue as it’s on the shorter track between Baamonde and Sobrado. Most opt to stay in Baamonde but we chose to walk to Parga and stay there instead as we loved the look of this albergue.

About the Albergue:

  • A small and private albergue run by a couple who prioritise sharp interior design
  • Rural location in the village of Parga but close to one or two bars
  • Private or dorms available
  • Communal supper optional and there’s a small bar in the albergue

What we loved:

  • Stunning views across the village of Parga from the terrace and inside the albergue
  • Chic design feel to the albergue
  • The communal spaces and quirky bedrooms
  • Breakfast is included and generously packed for you

How to book:

You can book this albergue on here.

Best communal dinner in an Albergue on the Camino del Norte: Guemes

Best albergues on the Camino del Norte

Guemes, full name Hostel La Cabaña Del Abuelo Peuto (Guemes) is a piece of Camino folklore. You’d be remiss to not visit Guemes if you’re walking the Camino del Norte. The exuberant host has been running this albergue, on a donation basis, for too many years to count. But I don’t want to give away too many spoilers – you can join a talk before dinner to hear all about the history and legend of Guemes.

About the Albergue:

  • Probably the most famous albergue on the Camino del Norte due to the legendary host
  • A donativo albergue with a communal supper and breakfast – but don’t be a donativo penny pincher!
  • A mix of smaller and larger dorm rooms that will be assigned on arrival. Couples may be given small rooms (we got lucky and end up with a room)

What we loved:

  • Delicious 3 course communal supper, plenty of food with veggie options, and wine included
  • Huge tables to eat outside with stunning views over the valley
  • Large garden and great facilities

How to book:

You can’t book at Guemes, but it is the biggest albergue on the Camino (with 100 beds), so you can pretty much be sure you will get a bed if you arrive at a reasonable time. We were there in peak summer and noticed pilgrims arriving late into the evening and still finding beds.

Most of our planning is done using other blogs, but you can’t beat a guide book at the bottom of your case.

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