Where can I find cafes, bars and restaurants that are ‘no smoking’ in Belgrade?

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Belgrade is a fun and vibrant city. It has a lot to offer tourists, especially anyone looking for cafe culture by day and bar hopping by night. But, if you visit in the winter, you’ll notice that the vast majority of cafes, bars and restaurants allow smoking inside. In the summer, this is less of an issue as there are so many wonderful places to sit outdoors and enjoy a coffee or beer. If you don’t smoke, or smoking bothers you, you might be wondering where you can find no smoking cafes, bars and restaurants in Belgrade.

Here are five places that have banned smoking inside in Belgrade and three that have minimal smoke:

Fit Bar: No smoking cafe

Fit Bar, found here in Savamala district, is a strictly no smoking cafe. This cafe is the perfect base for health conscious diners in Belgrade. Not only can you avoid smoke, but you can get your fill of nutritious food and drinks. Think cold pressed juice, fresh salads, keto burgers and protein plates.

Red Bread: No smoking cafe

Red Bread is in the urban Savamala district, located here. It’s a cafe in Belgrade that is especially renowned for it’s breakfast and delicious dessert menu. The carrot cake, cinnamon rolls and breakfast quesadillas are highlights on the menu. Visit here for smoke free coffee and cake.

Delicent: No smoking restaurant

Delicent bistro is in the upmarket Dorcol district of Belgrade, close to the fortress. You can find it here. Delicent is open 08:00 to 20:00 on most days and offers fresh, local and organic ingredients in a fun and laid back atmosphere. And of course, it is smoke free inside.

Endorfin: No smoking restaurant

Endorfin bar and restaurant is in the heart of Belgrade’s Stari Grad (here.) With a dimly lit ambience, you’d expect to see people smoking, but Endorfin is completely smoke free. It’s the perfect spot for late night cocktails or dining, with an extensive wine menu and small bites available too. Try the local fizz from vineyards to the North of Serbia.

April Bar: No smoking bar in Belgrade

April Bar, in the old town of Belgrade, looks and feels like it should be filled with smoke. But it is blissfully smoke free inside. However, smokers can use the garden (which means this place is perfect for groups with some smokers).

It’s a small and cosy bar, great for a date or romantic night. The range of cocktails here is excellent too, but it is on the pricier side as it’s in the heart of Stari Grad.

Draft Bar: Minimal smoke

Draft is a really fun concept bar. The bar operates on a completely self-service basis. You buy a card, top it up with credit, then choose and pour your drink. There’s a range of beer and wine on tap, including local specialities. It’s even more fun because you can pour as little or as much as you want, so you can try lots of different tipples.

Draft bar does allow smoking inside, but the ceiling is very high and there are two floors. In our experience, the smoke is very minimal.

Docker Brewery: Minimal smoke

Docker Brewery, found here (just next to Draft), is a large brewery. Here you can buy a beer that has been freshly brewed on the premises. The beer menu is vast, with lots of different choices. Docker also serves food – excellent burgers and other offerings to soak up the drinks.

Although Docker Brewery does allow smoking indoors, it’s such a huge space that the smoke is not overwhelming, but in fact barely noticeable. If you visit in the summer, there’s also an excellent garden.

Comunale Restaurant: Minimal smoke

Comunale is an excellent waterfront spot serving comforting but refined Italian food. It’s a crowd pleaser and receives much praise in the Michelin guide.

Although Comunale does allow smoking, the building is large and tables spread out, so the smoke is quite unobtrusive. In the summer, there’s a large terrace outside to enjoy.

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