Belgrade for a stag/buck’s party?

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Belgrade, Serbia’s capital city of 1.5 million people is often touted as a good stag/buck’s destination but rarely visited by stag groups. However the tide is turning and this city has just as much to give as the more popular stag party cities of Prague and Budapest with a bit more edge. Lets look at the fun times that can be had here as we ask is Belgrade a good destination for a stag/buck’s party?

Firstly is Belgrade open to tourists?

Yes, Belgrade is fully open to tourists in 2023, plus they have no covid precautions that need to be done before arrival, including the wearing of masks. Although Serbia is not in the E.U most peoples from countries will have visa free entry for 90 days, including U.K, EU and U.S.A. To be honest on my travels I have never experienced a quicker send through border control than at Belgrade airport, they couldn’t get rid of me quick enough!

Is Belgrade worth visiting for a stag party?

We think Belgrade is a city with it all. It may not be a scenic as Budapest or Prague but under the surface is a dynamic city with a lot to offer. We’ve written a much more extensive piece here on Is Belgrade worth visiting?’

Is Belgrade safe?

Yes, Belgrade is and feels as safe as city as in Western Europe. As with all travel the one area you need to take care is outside Belgrade airport where taxi drivers will offer you ludicrous prices for the journey into central Belgrade. See below how to get into the central Belgrade from the airport hassle free.

How to get into central Belgrade from the airport?

On arrival at Belgrade airport there are three options to choose to get into the centre which is around 18km away.

1/ Local Bus, numbers 83 or 72 can found just outside the main airport which you are funnelled towards as you leave By virtue of the buses being at the airport, they will be heading to central Belgrade. Payment is by card reader located on the bus. Note this bus will stop a lot on route to pick and drop more people off and takes around 50 minutes to reach the centre.

2/ A1 Bus. This large minibus/shuttle bus found in the same place as the buses above seems to be a private company. Pay the driver 400 RSD (around 3 euros). Main advantage is that it doesn’t stop on route and takes only 30 minutes. Personally I think this is the best option to get into town.

3/ Taxi. If there is a group of you for a taxi then go to the taxi stand before leaving Belgrade airport. Here they will give you a ticket with the price the driver will charge. This way you will have no nasty surprises. Price for a taxi into central Belgrade should cost around 3000RSD (around 25 euros). This is the quickest options, taking only 20 minutes.

Is Belgrade expensive?

No, Belgrade is one of the cheapest capital cities in Europe. Accommodation, restaurants and bars are around 50% cheaper than in Western Europe. A 500ml of Serbian beer will set you back around two euros, while a glass of local wine is around 3 euros a glass. See below for some of the best places to drink in Belgrade.

Best places to drink in Belgrade for a stag/buck’s party?

Belgrade has so many places to drink it’s almost impossible to narrow it down to just five, so we apologise if we have missed some. But here are the some incredible places to drink with your friends.

1/ Monk’s Bar

Located in the trendy Vranac district in central east Belgrade this bar is like a old house with a bar attached. Lots of sofas and lamps gently illuminate it that will make you want to stay here hours. Popular with students, it definitely has a younger crowd most nights.

2/ Black Turtle

Our first brewery on this list. It has two locations in Belgrade, a pub and a brewery. The brewery has a nice selection of fruity beers that I would highly recommend. There is also a nice outdoor seating area to while away an afternoon.

3/ Docker

Docker is a large brewery located on Belgrade’s north side by the river. Typical for a brewery it’s located on an old industrial site giving it a cool vibe. Beers brewed on site are delicious with a huge range. And if you do visit here make sure you try their burgers, they are wonderful. I’m salivating now just thinking about them.

4/ Silosi

This epic silo structure on the Belgrade’s north river bank is now home to an art centre, meets bar, meets music venue. A must see if you are in Belgrade. opening hours and schedule not always clear, so best to check their website for details.

5/ Splav Leto

This nightclub located on Belgrade’s famous waterfront is all about partying in the summer. Huge tunes and an epic dance floor, send out your stag/buck’s weekend with a bang.

For a more comprehensive guide to nightlife in Belgrade read here.

Where can I get a sim card?

Need a sim card on landing or about to fly off? Rather than the hassle of finding/getting a physical sim card, an easier method these days is to get an e-sim. Simply select the country or region you are in and get data and calls on your phone. More info can be found here.

Prices are reasonable, usually only $25 for 20GB of data. We now always use this method when travelling as it just saves so much time and bother!

When is the best time of year to visit Belgrade for stag buck’s party?

Summer is the best time to visit Belgrade as some of the most enjoyable aspects here are the alfresco all day eating and drinking. Seating for most bars and restaurants will however start appearing in early spring so if that’s when you’ve pencilled in your trip don’t be put off.

What are some budget accommodation options in Belgrade?

We scoured around and these are the best budget options for accommodation in Belgrade.

1/ White Owl Hostel – Centrally located

This centrally located hostel in the old town of Belgrade has a tonne of bars and restaurants on it’s door step. If being centrally located is you thing then this is a good options.

See latest prices here.

2/ Green House Hostel – On the banks of the Danube

Visiting in the summer months and want somewhere cool to stay, Green House Hostel is a good option being located on the banks of the Danube but still close to the action.

See latest prices here.

3/ Accommodation Up – Modern

This place is centrally located and modern. People rated it the cleanest hostel to stay in the city.

See latest prices here.

What activities are there to do in Belgrade?

Aside from the huge number of restaurants and bars Belgrade has some unique activities you could look to do for you stag weekend. Here are some of the best ideas we came up with.

What is there to do outside Belgrade?

If you ware wondering if there is anything to see outside Belgrade, then you might want to consider visiting Serbia’s wine region of Sremski Karlovci. This small town is located just 40 minutes north by train from Belgrade. The town has vineyards/bars that you can crawl along all with local Serbian produce.

Belgrade for a stag bucks party Sremski

Interested in visiting Serbia’s Wine town, we wrote a detailed article on it here.

Can I use my contactless card in Belgrade?

Yes, contactless card use in Serbia is ubiquitous and tapping your card to pay for most things is the done thing. You may need cash for the older style bakeries but not much else.

How to visit other cities close to Belgrade

Belgrade is situated conveniently to visit other European capitals that are only a short hop away, including Vienna, Budapest and Sarejevo. Interested in exploring, we’ve written a longer article on how to get to these places.


Belgrade has proved to be a strong contender for a stag bucks destination with the diversity of bars and value for money. Let’s take a look at the ratings.

  • Food and Drink | 6.5/10
  • Value for Money | 8.5/10
  • Activities | 6/10
  • Nightlife | 8/10

TOTAL | 7.25

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