I loved my first experience of walking the Camino de Santiago. Undoubtedly, the people you meet along the way make the journey so much more interesting and enjoyable. Here are 7 types of people you’ll meet on the Camino de Santiago.

If you’re wondering who you’ll meet, here’s a bit of a satirical look at the seven camino archetypes that I encountered along the way.

Make sure you also read 7 habits to avoid when walking the Camino de Santiago!

The Young Guns

The young guns are gap year students or taking a summer out of university. They are footloose and fancy free. They can be found chatting late into the night, socialising and maybe enjoying a few drinks. But this doesn’t stop them in the morning! They’ll be first out the blocks at 0600. Or if they’re not, they will soon catch up as they walk as fast as their young legs can carry them. They remain miraculously injury free, bar a few pesky blisters. They sleep soundly, never waking up in the night for a pee! And they are oh, so, optimistic. You can’t help but have a smile on your face when you meet one. Thease are one of the first types you’ll meet on the camino.

The Flirts in Disguise

Our second type of person you’ll meet on the camino is a subset of the young guns (mainly.) This group are ostensibly walking the Camino. But really they’re hunting for a spot of transient romance. Find them chatting to the nearest singletons, revelling in their favourite flirtatious stories night after night.

The Old Timers

The Old Timers are out on the Camino representing their generation. Many are in their 60s or 70s and they are owning it! But the old timers are not to be underestimated – they are speedy. Just when you think you’ve overtaken one, you stop for a 5 minute break and they are hot on your heels. They walk with an air of wisdom and authority and are full of useful bits of advice for other walkers. Long may the old timers keep walking! Always happy to meet them on any Camino.

The 4th types of person you’ll meet on the Camino…The Camino Die Hards

This is not their first rodeo. And the fourth type of person you’ll meet on the Camino are the Camino Die Hards have been here before. They’ve walked the Primotivo, they’ve walked the Frances, hell they’ve probably walked all the routes backwards with a blindfold. They are the Camino experts. A few have Camimo tattoos, some have matted hair and bongos, others have settled for sewing various Camino badges to their hiking bags. Make sure you chat to the Camino Die Hards, they’ve got some wonderful stories to tell.

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The Logisticians….the 5th type of person you’ll meet on the camino

Oh the Logisticians. These people are the recovering “Type A” personalities, there are our next of 7 types of people you’ll meet on the camino. They’ve probably chosen to walk the Camino to get away from work and their non-stop busy lives. But, find themselves on the Camino using all the apps and maps to plan each day carefully. They’ll be combing the Google reviews, aiming only for top rated accommodation and restaurants. They will even seek out other Logisticians to compare notes. But let’s admit it, we’d all be lost without them!

The Couples

Ah this lot. The Couples are doing their own thing and will be the sixth type of person you’ll meet on the camino. They’ll dip in and out of the Albergues, sometimes opting for private rooms instead. They will socialise, but sometimes they’ll be seen indulging in a romantic dinner. You may also find them having massive arguments on the roadside. Always good entertainment!

The Plastic Fantastics

Find them on the last 100km of the Camino. They tend to carry big bags, even though they’re only joining for a short stretch. Groups of them, hoards in fact. Often blasting music from their backpacks and stopping to take all the selfies. They’ve got blisters upon blisters from their hiking boots. But hey, they’re bringing the party vibes and a much needed blast of new energy!

I’ll hold my hands up. I’m a Logistician. Which one are you?

Want to test your Camino knowledge?

You can take our fun Camino quiz here.

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Test your Camino de Santiago knowledge

How well do you know the Camino de Santiago? Are you a Camino expert? Or a total Camino newbie? Find out here.

1 / 11

In 2021, 68% of people completing the Camino were from Spain. But which nationality were in second, third and fourth place?

2 / 11

Which is the only Camino route that does not finish in Santiago?

3 / 11

What are they five different ways that pilgrims are allowed to travel on the Camino?

4 / 11

What percentage of people completed the Camino de Santiago in 2021 did so for non-religious reasons?

5 / 11

What is the name of the famous drink in Bilbao which is a mix of red wine and coca cola?

6 / 11

How many people completed the Camino de Santiago in 2021?

7 / 11

How much is the minimum payment for a “Donativo” albergue?

8 / 11

What two items do people walking the Camino carry to prove that they are pilgrims?

9 / 11

What percentage of people who complete the Camino are over 60?

10 / 11

What should you never do in an Albergue?

11 / 11

What’s the Spanish word for a sandwich?

Your score is

The average score is 58%


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17 responses to “Walking the Camino de Santiago: 7 Types of People You’ll Meet”

  1. ninjaentrepreneur avatar

    Think I’m a young gun

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  3. […] Seven Types of People You’ll Meet on the Camino de Santiago […]

  4. giacomoasinello avatar

    Yes, I met all these! I was one half of a couple – private rooms, roadside arguments and all!

  5. Life...One Big Adventure avatar

    and the Plastic Fantastics are pristine and clean! Not like the rest of us who have slogged along the past 690km! 🙂

    1. Lotus Eaters Travel avatar

      Great point! We do look a bit more dishevelled.

      1. Life...One Big Adventure avatar

        dishevelled, but happy!

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  7. Nancy B. Klein avatar

    I am an old timer!

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  10. Zeal avatar

    Interesting, and funny 😂. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Theresa [Hey, Traveler] avatar

    Great post! I’d be one of the couples probably, but hopefully minus the blowout fighting lol.

  12. Jaime Carrollo avatar

    Don’t forget the stampeders, who need to collect every stamp along the way; or the photojournalists who must photograph something every couple of minutes, including pulling out a drone and getting some great aerial shots; or the souveneers, who have a little gift of some sort to hand out to others (I love these people and next time I am going to bring along something to offer other pilgrims); the pharmies who eat iboprofen instead of tortillas for breakfast; …oh so many wonderful folks we meet along the way!
    Oh, by the way, I’m one of the old folks!

    1. lotuseaters.travel avatar

      Oh wow these are some good ones! Love it. Thanks Jaime

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