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Best hiking outfits for women on the Camino in 2023

There are far more important things about walking the Camino de Santiago than what you wear. But, I do think I always enjoy hiking more if I’m comfortable in my choice of outfit. As I plan my next Camino de Santiago later this year, I am starting to think about my Camino packing list and as part of that, the best hiking outfits for me and choosing what sort of look to go for. I’m not about “fast fashion,” but my current clothing is threadbare after our recent walk through Norway and it’s time for a revamp. As part of a Camino packing list female version , here are my ideas for the best hiking outfits for women on the Camino in 2023.

If you’re not sure about what to pack for the Camino more generally – you can find my packing full list here. I’ve also written about the best outfits for the evening on the Camino here

Camino packing list female: The sporty hiking outfit

Muscle vest – a muscle vest can be great on the Camino as it keeps you pretty cool. I also am a fan of the black top and black top outfit combo, which I think gives a sporty look. Just be sure to check that your backpack doesn’t chafe if you choose a sleeveless top on the Camino.

Perfect black shorts – I call these the perfect black shorts, because they are the right length, not too tight and comfortable. Great for keeping cool on the Camino.

Camino packing list female: The boho hiking outfit

Pink Cross Back Tee – I love this tee, not just the colour but the style of the back too. Plus, the sleeves are great to keep the sun off your shoulders.

Cute grey shorts – these are the same as the black shorts above, but in a nice light grey colour. Light colours are better to deflect hot sun too.

Camino packing list female: The yogi hiking outfit

Loose Tank Tops – I love a baggy tank top on the Camino. The main reason is that you have to wash them less because they aren’t getting too smelly! Plus, they feel super airy.

Yoga shorts (4 inches) – I tend to always pack a pair of yoga style shorts when I go hiking. Partly because they are comfortable, but also because I can stretch in them easily if I’m doing some yoga before or after hiking. Tight shorts are great for hiking too as they can minimize chafing.

Camino packing list female: The sun protection hiking outfit

The long sleeve tee – with the extreme heat in Europe over the summer, this top may not be the best. But if you’re very concerned about sun protection, it could be an option.

The longer shorts – Longer shorts will help to keep the sun off your legs, but be careful not to overheat in these.

Camino packing list female: The sun seeker hiking outfit

The cropped vest – this vest is great for women looking for a top with a built in bra. And of course, perfect if you’re trying to tan as you walk.

The short short – I love the pattern on these yoga shorts. A fun alternative to a plain colour. And for me, a great length for hiking.

Camino packing list female: The classic hiking outfit

Sleeveless Vest – a classic sleeveless vest is a great option for walking long days in warm weather.

The classic hiking short – sometimes you can’t beat a classic hiking short, especially in the sun.

Camino packing list female: The cargo hiking outfit

White Tee – I love this tee shirt, a classic white tee but with a fun twist.

Cargo shorts – these are a bit like the classic hiking shorts, but a bit shorter and a more fashion forward cut.

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