Where is the start of the Camino de Santiago in Lisbon

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If you’re planning to walk from Lisbon to Santiago, you may be keen to understand exactly where you will begin your adventure. The start of the Camino de Santiago in Lisbon, can be a little confusing. Find out here where to start and where to stay in Lisbon before you do.

  1. Where is the start of the Camino de Santiago in Lisbon?
  2. Where to stay near the start of the Camino de Santiago in Lisbon?
  3. Are the arrows for the Camino de Santiago in Lisbon easy to follow?
  4. Where to buy a credential for the Camino de Santiago in Lisbon?
  5. What to do in Lisbon before the start of the Camino?
    1. Guide to Lisbon’s districts

Where is the start of the Camino de Santiago in Lisbon?

The start of the Camino de Santiago in Lisbon is Lisbon Cathedral. You can find the cathedral on Largo da Sé. This is where you can start the current route. The route takes you through the historic district of Alfama in Lisbon, before walking towards the water. After this, you’ll follow the river through some more industrial outskirts of the city.

Officially, in the sense of historically, the route for pilgrims actually started in Igerja de Santiago (The Church of Santiago.) It is at this Church that you will see the official sign telling you that it is the start of the Camino. However, you cannot buy your credential here and you cannot follow the current route from here. But, it is well worth visiting this church if you have time and find it open. You can find the opening hours for the church on the relevant Facebook account. Whilst in this area, you could also visit San Jorge Castle.

Where to stay near the start of the Camino de Santiago in Lisbon?

We recommend staying close to the start of the Camino around the Alfama district. Here are some options:

BUDGET: The two closest hostels to the start of the Camino are Inn Possible Lisbon and This Is Lisbon Hostel . Both have excellent reviews and are in the historic area near to Alfama. Personally I’d pick This is Lisbon as it has an epic roof terrace.

MID RANGE: Varandas de Lisbon is a 3 star hotel around 500m from the Cathedral. Here you can get a basic double room for around 100 Euros. A great location for the start of the Camino.

LUXURY: Eurostar Lisboa Baixa is a smart upmarket hotel near to the Cathedral but further towards the centre of Lisbon in the Baixa district. For something a little more plush in the old town, we suggest Memmo Alfama Design Hotel. A design chic hotel with a roof terrace and outdoor swimming pool.

You can find out more about where to stay on the rest of the Portuguese Camino here.

Are the arrows for the Camino de Santiago in Lisbon easy to follow?

There are yellow Camino arrows signalling the start of the Camino de Santiago, however they are very subtle. So subtle in fact that we had walked down one of the streets at the start of the route at least twenty times and never noticed the arrows. But, once you’re looking for them, you will find them.

We recommend downloading the Bueno Camino App. This has an up to date route map with geo location, so you can follow the route easily.

Take note, there are also “blue arrows” which signal the route to Fatima rather than Santiago. Of course, heading out of Lisbon these two arrows point in the same direction anyway.

Where to buy a credential for the Camino de Santiago in Lisbon?

You can buy your Camino credential in Lisbon Cathedral. It is sold at the shop in the cathedral, rather than the ticket office. If you ask at the ticket office, they will allow you to walk to the shop.

The cost is 2 Euros. On your credential, you’ll find a QR code. You can use this to register your presence on the Camino. Be sure to check the cathedral opening hours, it may be best to buy your credential the night before you walk as the Cathedral does not tend to open until 09:30.

Find out more about credentials on the Camino de Santiago here.

What to do in Lisbon before the start of the Camino?

If you are starting your Camino in Lisbon, you are very lucky! You will arrive into one of the most vibrant and enthralling cities.

What to do in Lisbon at the start of the Camino, really depends on your interests and how much time you have. If you have only 24 hours or less, we recommend strolling around the different regions of Lisbon and perhaps taking in one or two attractions. San Jorge Castle is near to the start of the Camino. And of course, you will want to visit Lisbon Cathedral. By night, enjoy supper and some drinks in the glorious Alfama district surrounded by Fado music.

If you want to see more of Lisbon, but you have a short time, you can take a Tuk Tuk tour. A great way to explore the main sights quickly. Or, enjoy a river cruise at sunset. And, put your feet up before you start the Camino!

Or, join a walking tour of the city. You may was well get your feet moving!

We include a guide to Lisbon’s districts below.

Guide to Lisbon’s districts

If you have longer in Lisbon, we recommend reading our Lisbon City Guide.

Find out more about walking the Portuguese Camino and what to do in Porto here.

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