Best stag destinations for 2024

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best stag destination for 2024

Planning a stag party for your friends and not sure about the destination? We have researched some of the best stag/buck’s and bachelor party locations for an epic party to help you decide. Here are the best stag destinations for 2024.

Best Beach Stag Destination – Budva, Montenegro

Looking for a beach stag destination that won’t break the bank? Rather than Ibiza or Marbella head to the Balkans and the small country of Montenegro where you will find the town of BUDVA. Budva has a large sandy beach, water sports, bars and clubs galore. Plus there’s an old town to explore. In addition one huge advantage of this location is the cost, with drinks costing 50% less than in the U.K.

Read our complete guide to a stag party in Budva here, explaining the best accommodation, bars and activities to do.

budva best stag destination
Budva’s old town, harbour and beaches stretches out.

Best Late Night Drinking Stag Destination – Bilbao, Spain

Located on Spain’s northern coast with direct flights from the London, BILBAO has everything you could want for a stag who loves to party into the early hours. The outdoor drinking culture mixed with delicious quality Basque cuisine, all served at reasonable prices make this a very strong contender for best stag/buck’s destination 2024.

Parties start late and go on into the early hours so you will never be short of somewhere to hang out. Away from the old town party area you have the impressive football stadium, which offers tours. There are also boozy boat trips along the river. For these reasons we think this makes Bilbao one of the best stag destinations for 2024.

To read a full guide about a stag/buck’s party in Bilbao read our guide here!

aerial view of bilbao spain stag party
Bilbao has some of the best late night drinking spots in Spain

Best Eastern European gritty stag destination – Belgrade, Serbia

We love BELGRADE but there is no denying it is one gritty city on the surface with it’s looming concrete buildings and creaking trams rolling around. But beneath the rough surface Belgrade is undergoing a renaissance turning a lot of it’s warehouses into breweries and night clubs. The river that runs through the city even has party boats and barges on! Belgrade is also fantastic value with a pint of beer costing less than £2 and meal out costing less than £12 a head.

If you think Belgrade might be your destination for a stag party read out extensive guide here.

view of the belgrade from the sava river serbia Best stag destinations for 2024
Belgrade’s central area will keep you entertained all weekend.

Best Eurostar access stag destination – Lille, France

If your stag party would rather not fly, we have a great destination option for you that still allows you to travel abroad. LILLE in France is just over an hour from London St Pancras. The city is a great size to get around with a large central square full of bars and restaurants. The city also has the river Deule running through it allowing you to hire a boat packed with booze and go cruising.

Read our guide to Lille for more details on this stag/buck’s destination.

bachelor party lille
Great bars and restaurants in Lille, but opening hours are not that late.

Best stag destination outside Europe – Vietnam

Looking for an epic stag/buck’s destination outside Europe? Then consider VIETNAM. This country offers a wild nightlife in the cities and an epic adventure across the country in the areas of Sapa or the cities of Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh, exploring the mountains or beaches. Flights to the Vietnam from Europe take around 10 hours, in addition your budget will go far as the cost of living is low here.

We’ve written an extensive piece about what to see when on a stag in Vietnam. Read it here.

hanoi stag party
Vietnam’s cities has amazing nightlife any day of the week.

Best Student City Stag Destination – Santander, Spain

Another entry from northern Spain, and perhaps not as well known, we think SANTANDER is a great destination for a stag/buck’s party due to the sheer number of students in the city adding to it’s vibe. It also has beaches to use in the summer, additionally the prices for food and drink here in low for those more budget conscious.

To read more about Santander you can find our stag/buck’s guide here.

santander city spain
Santander has beaches to use in the summer.

Best cultural stag destination – Jordan

JORDAN in the Middle East has always been a mecca for tourists with Petra being a wonder of the world. If your stag is looking something more cultural and less party then this could be a good stag/buck’s destination for you. Outside the bustling capital of Amman you are able to stay in the Wadi Rum desert camps and enjoy the beaches of Aqaba in the Red Sea.

Consider visiting Jordan in autumn and winter months to avoid the summer heat. Worth noting that Jordan is on par with western Europe for prices, for example a pint of beer can cost around £6. (Yes you can definitely drink in Jordan and have written about it here). We think for these reason this makes Jordan one of the best stag destinations for 2024.

Thinking of choosing Jordan as your stag/buck’s destination we have a great guide to read here.

Best stag destinations for 2024
Choose a stag destination to see the wonder of Petra.

Best chilled out stag destination – Kotor, Montenegro

Another Montenegro destination in our list for the picturesque walled town of KOTOR. This small town sits beside one of the deepest lakes in Europe and flanked the other side by high mountains. The town itself is maze of restaurants and bars that stay open late in to the evening. In the daytime you have the opportunity to do water sports or visit one of the beach/lake bars to relax. Also available is hike the ladder of Kotor up the steep mountain for several hours to get the blood pumping.

To read more about this beautiful town then read out guide here.

Best stag destinations for 2024
The Montenegro town of Kotor nestled by a lake and high mountains.

Best Scandinavian Stag Destination – Trondheim, Norway

TRONDHEIM in central Norway is gaining a reputation as an alternative stag destination and is not as expensive as initially perceived with drinks costing around the same as in the U.K. The city has a lively nightlife with a waterside area full of breweries to explore. If you come to Trondheim in winter there is also a chance to see the northern lights, something that makes this one of the best stag destinations for 2024.

For more info about accommodation and activities for a stag party in Trondheim read here.

Best stag destinations for 2024
Trondheim’s waterside area with breweries and bars.

Best Foodie & Surfing Stag Destination – San Sebastian, Spain

SAN SEBASTIAN located in Spain’s north eastern corner is known as food capital of the world with it’s fresh seafood produce. The city is also a surfers paradise with not just one but two large beaches where boards can be hired easily. While considered an upscale destination by some there are still plenty of options for more budget conscious travelers. Including the old town with it’s pinxos plates with large glasses of beer or wine for reasonable prices, expect to pay around 5 euros for a drink and a plate.

For an extensive stag guide to San Sebastian read here.

panorama of san sebastian bay basque country spain stag destination
San Sebastian can offer you a double beach

What makes a great stag/buck’s destination? In the above we have chosen vibrant cities that have extensive choice or restaurants, bars, and activities. Hopefully you will remember for a lifetime without breaking the bank. We hope it has given you some inspiration where to go.

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